Ancient Aliens: Earth’s Black Holes may exist

Ancient Aliens explores whether or not Earth has black holes that explain various disappearances.

Could black holes not only be found in the universe, but also on our planet? Furthermore, could they be the means through which extraterrestrial visitation occurs? Ancient Aliens explores this topic in detail on “Earth’s Black Holes.”

Specifically, Ancient Aliens attempts to determine whether or not the black holes are related to various missing persons cases. Missing ships, planes, etc. are also thrown into the mix. Long story short, this is the Unsolved Mysteries episode of Ancient Aliens.

Creating a black hole on Earth.

In Menlo Park, CA, an amazing experiment was recently conducted. The most powerful x-ray laser on the planet was fired at a molecule. The atom had various electrons that were hit with a lot of x-rays. The atom behaved differently than expected. While some of the electrons were fired away, in a flash the molecule exploded. The electrons were compressed and sucked into a void, an unforeseen phenomenon to this point. A strong gravitational field sucked the electrons and the atom into nothingness.

Combine that type of black hole with a spin and a vortex is produced. Only this experiment wasn’t gravitational, it was electromagnetic. Correspondingly, Einstein’s theory supports the phenomenon. It should come as no shock, but Giorgio A. Tsoukalos believes this is directly related to aliens.

Where else could black holes exist on Earth?

If black holes can be created in a scientific experiment, then where else can they found? One story from the Old Testament involves Moses on Mt. Sinai. According to the text, a door opened in the cloud and Moses walked in. He then ascended for 40 days and 40 nights, and didn’t eat or drink during that time. It’s obviously impossible. So how much time passed for Moses when he entered the doorway to heaven? Did he make the same trip that Eleanor Arroway made in Contact?

The South Atlantic Anomaly

A Japanese satellite called the Hitomi intending to study x-ray astronomy began spinning uncontrollably in March of 2016. It broke into 10 fragments above a magnetic disturbance called the South Atlantic Anomaly. In this location, there is a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, and an intense field of radiation. Thus far no astronauts flying through the area have been turned into the Human Torch. The area, however, has caused issues for decades, and may create vortexes that alter time and space. The Japanese, on the other hand, have a different view of why there was a failure.

Just below the South Atlantic Anomaly is Inga, Brazil, where an ancient rock formation called the Inga stone exists. It is carved with various symbols of unknown origin and meaning. Some think they’ve deciphered the hieroglyphs, however, and believe those responsible had an advanced knowledge of physics and astronomy. Indeed, there are constellation maps and magnetic anomaly representations around the stone.

Could the same magnetic phenomenon responsible for the satellite failure be what was seen on the ground ages ago?

Peculiar places

The Bermuda Triangle. The Devil’s Sea. Easter Island. Indus Valley. Each is one of 12 triangular zones known for disappearances. In these locations, high energy may be causing unexplained phenomenon. These triangles are often called the “Vile Vortices” because of all the disappearances and the turbulent nature of the weather. Do these places explain mysterious disappearances all over the world? Worm holes? Black holes?

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is the most famous of the triangles of Vile Vortices.  From Bermuda, to southern Florida, and out to the Bahamas exists a location where there have been numerous disappearances. Perhaps the most famous is the 1945 Navy bombers (i.e. Flight 19). On a training mission, the planes disappeared from radar with a final transmission of nothing but static. Two sea-planes were sent out to search, and they, too, were lost.

The Bermuda Triangle has long been known as a source of peculiar phenomenon. In fact, Columbus passed through and his compasses failed, followed by some mysterious lights. The Mary Celeste ship was found without crew (supplementary History Channel investigation). Is it possible the electromagnetic phenomenon associated with thunderstorms in this area could open up a way to transport on and off the planet.

Pilot Bruce Gernon made a flight in the Bermuda Triangle on Dec 4, 1970. As he entered a cloud, his controls went crazy, and he says he went through a “time tunnel vortex.” When he emerged, he realized he was in the center of a massive storm. In front of him, he saw a giant tunnel, a mile wide and ten miles long. He went through, and the tunnel collapsed behind him. Directly over Miami Beach, he had traveled some 100 miles in 3 minutes (2000 mph). An impossibility. Furthermore, every watch on the plane was set back 20 minutes. Could the electromagnetic vortex alter time and space?


What happened to the entire civilization on Easter Island? Some say it’s related to rats. Others think it’s pure overpopulation. But could it be aliens? Or perhaps it’s the black holes being discussed.

According to a private investigator on the episode, there are many, many unexplained disappearances. Absolute vanishings. No dogs can track them. No trackers can find them. He’s spoken to several theoretical physicists, and he says they all mentioned portals. Furthermore, a study by ETH Zurich and the University of Miami indicates some ocean patterns, often called eddies, are the mathematical equivalent of black holes in cosmology. Does that tie everything together?

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There you have it. Ancient Aliens suggests there are portals on Earth. Whatever you want to call them, Ancient Aliens suggests they exist, and can explain a variety of phenomena and disappearances. Do you believe?