Jack: Half human, half human in Supernatural Season 14?

Supernatural -- "The Big Empty” -- Photo: Jack Rowand//The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "The Big Empty” -- Photo: Jack Rowand//The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

After Lucifer hijacked his power in the Supernatural Season 13 finale, we saw a glimpse of Jack the mortal. Presumably, when Lucifer was killed in the final moments of the season, Jack’s grace was gone forever.

How will Jack deal with being half human and half… human? When this happened to Castiel, in Supernatural Season 9 we saw him develop an insight that connected him to humans in a way he could never figure out before. He understood love, desire, deception and more in their true forms. Since Jack has always felt these things, what are we going to see happen to him along the way? Will he still be able to hear prayers and angels in his head as Castiel could?

We’re also wondering how Jack will learn to help others while being just like any other human boy. No more bringing people back to life, no more slo-mo freeze ray to help on a hunt. And let’s not ignore the fact that the nephilims have always been targeted (even for hunters). Will he even be able to protect himself?

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Are you my father?

At SDCC, Alexander Calvert talked about some of the anticipated struggles for Jack without his powers. We have seen him literally beat himself up in past situations when he made mistakes or failed to help someone. Will he learn more about intuition and hunting or will he fall into a deep depression?

Sam, dealing with the bunker folks and missing his brother, was dead serious when he told Lucifer that Jack was family, so surely we will see him take Jack under his figurative wing. Of course, this gives Castiel ample opportunity to dad-up as he swore he would, so maybe we will see some bonding going on there, too. This could come into play with the hunt for Michael in his Dean suit.

Although there has been plenty of fan fun regarding the relationship between the two actors, Supernatural hasn’t put nearly as much focus as we anticipated during the involvement of Castiel in Jack’s pre-birth protection protocol. This is a good potential platform to work that up.

Perhaps Castiel may do some fatherly act and offer up dots of his own grace to Jack while they try to figure things out. Would it work for him like it did for Daddy Lucifer? Q: Are two half-angels stronger than one whole one?

Sometimes they come back

When Castiel lost his grace, he became as human as the next guy. We saw him getting hungry, catching feelings for ladies, and despising the annoying urge to use the bathroom. Borrowing grace from another angel gave him power but as it got used, so did he.

Finding out there was a smidge of his own good stuff left, gulping up that trace of grace was enough for Castiel to get back to nearly normal soon enough. We’ve seen angel grace get partially drained and it was visibly cut off midstream. But when Lucifer snatched Jack’s, it sure did look like the end of the grace trail came on out. Could there be even residue of Jack’s juice left to build from in Supernatural Season 14?

Since Dean means the world to Castiel, and both of them are critical to Jack, we could see them look for Dean together and do some (adopted?) father-son bonding we’ve been waiting for. Castiel did swear to protect him and it doesn’t hurt that he’s been through this exact experience, including life without his own father.

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What will be Jack’s new focus in life now that learning his powers if off the schedule for the time being? Is this forever? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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