The 100: Kane can’t be dead for multiple reasons


Kane is not dead! The 100 needs a core group of mainstays to stay alive in order for the story to progress. There are, however, other reasons he is obviously still alive.

The thing about The 100 is the case for humanity is not great. At nearly every turn, a case is made that humanity doesn’t deserve survival. Left to their own devices, humanity turned into an upside down Time Machine remake, with Grounders playing the role of controllable Eloi and Mt. Weather Mountain Men substituting for Morlocks. And that’s before Skaikru came down and made things worse!

Having said all that, Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) can’t be dead for a variety of reasons. Sure, he got prison shanked roughly six times by a futuristic Con Air reject and a portion of his trapezius muscle might be missing, but Kane is not leaving The 100.

First of all, the cannibalism scene is not right

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A psychotic Telly Savalas ripoff did not kill Kane. Vinson may have been a serial killer who kept victims’ body parts as mementos, but he’s not man enough to take down Kane. It wouldn’t be a justified end to such a powerful character. An Eligius IV prisoner who only showed up a few episodes ago is not going to kill the former Councilman, former Chancellor of Arkadia, and former Skaikru Ambassador. Furthermore, Kane fought through the Culling, watching his mother die on Unity Day, and forced, underground cannibalization. That’s the kind of person who dies hard. Speaking of cannibalization…

The symbolism is pretty thick. The guy who didn’t want to be a cannibal but was forced to be a cannibal, ends up being killed by a psychotic cannibal. I realize “psychotic cannibal” may seem redundant to some, but since Vinson didn’t whip out fava beans and a nice Chianti, we can assume he’s legitimately insane.

Redemption arc

More important than the attempted murder via drug pushing loony is Kane’s story. With Abby killing Vinson, she’s on the verge of a redemption arc. Vinson is the personification of overcoming addiction and taking control of her life; so, she’ll turn to the positive. Octavia realized she basically led to the annihilation of her people and she’ll learn from it. Even Clark will redeem herself from her past as Klark kom Skaikru, Wanheda, Mountain Slayer, and more recently, betraying Octavia and Wonkru in order to play Momma Bear with Madi. So why shouldn’t Kane receive the same character 180?

Consequently, the stomach wounds aren’t that deep, and the neck bite ’tis but a flesh wound. After all, McCreary got stabbed in the neck and he’s still around. Kane needs to opportunity to redeem himself.

If Octavia is alive, then Kane is alive

Kane and Octavia have become polar opposites. She’s all attack, all offense, all war. He’s flowers, rainbows, and idealistic dreams of peace. Both characters represent the flaw of their relative extremism, and serve as a cautionary tale. Being too despotic is definitely destructive to oneself. Conversely, committing exclusively to a Janis Joplin jersey leads to being destroyed. How in the world can he forgive Abby, the Dark Year architect, and still adamantly oppose Octavia? That’s extremely hypocritical. Furthermore, the valley symbolizes their divide, with both Kane and Octavia wanting to take it and prove their style of leadership.

Next. More on the Dark Year. dark

To summarize, Kane is not dead. I can’t believe it. I swear he rolled under a Dumpster. Besides, if he doesn’t live, then he can’t help Abby through withdrawals, or ultimately face Octavia’s wrath. Do you believe Kane is dead? Leave a comment with your theory.