Big Brother 20 spoilers: Houseguest hopes show ratings drop if they get evicted

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Level Six sets eviction target order. (Tyler Crispen Photo: Best Possible Screengrabs/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Level Six sets eviction target order. (Tyler Crispen Photo: Best Possible Screengrabs/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers from the live feeds have one houseguest quite grumpy about how the last week has gone. They made some more notable comments on the live feeds, including a hope that television ratings for the BB20 cast take a hit.

A number of recent Big Brother 20 spoilers have led to what took place in the house over the past 24 hours. On Monday (July 6), the Power of Veto Ceremony took place, where Angela Rummans took Tyler Crispen off the block. In his place, she used Bayleigh Dayton as the replacement nominee. Bayleigh has been quite displeased about this move, which could make for some good television later on.

Bayleigh stays grumpy

Following the Veto Ceremony, Bayleigh had some choice words for her fellow BB20 cast members. “I don’t want to stay with you crazy a** white people.” That continued on Tuesday (August 7), when she was responding to a comment made by Rockstar. Bayleigh had stated, “Why do we have to be the ones that are picked on.” Rockstar responded with, “Because they’re rich white kids.”

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This was when Bayleigh stated that she hopes the Big Brother 20 ratings drop “drastically” if she leaves. It seems very possible that Bayleigh Dayton is the next houseguest to leave and that she will become the first member of the BB20 jury. A number of people on the other side of the house grew tired of her antics and saw this as a way to end her reign in the game. She is acting very bitter about how things have gone.

Upcoming Big Brother 20 spoilers

On Thursday night (August 9), the next Eviction Ceremony is going to take place. There are only eight voters this time, meaning it takes four votes and the HOH to break a tie. As revealed when the Hacker Competition took place, Haleigh Broucher can take away one of the eviction votes. Since she is basically in an alliance with both Rockstar and Bayleigh, though, the power of her position has been diminished this week. All of this also likely means that Bayleigh’s Identity Theft power won’t get used.

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The next Big Brother 20 episode takes place on Wednesday night (August 8), when producers reveal what took place with the Power of Veto Competition and who winds up on the block. It gets started at 8/7 on CBS.