Big Brother 20: August 8 episode preview, POV winner gets revealed

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won first two parts of final HOH? (Angela Rummans Photo: Best Possible Screengrabs/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won first two parts of final HOH? (Angela Rummans Photo: Best Possible Screengrabs/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 returns for its Wednesday night episode on August 8. This is when producers allow the CBS audience to catch up on what took place with the Power of Veto this past week. By the end of the night, viewers will know the final nominees for eviction this week.

There is a lot for producers to cover and a lot of footage to use from the last five days in the BB20 house. The August 5 episode was a big one, as Angela Rummans was shown making her nominations for eviction. The cast also played the first Hacker Competition of the season, setting up some more twists and turns. Now, Episode 19 of Big Brother 20 will expound upon all of it.

Hacker Ceremony fallout

At the end of the August 5 episode, Scottie Salton was saved from the block and Tyler Crispen was used as a replacement nominee. The first BB20 Hacker appeared, with the CBS audience learning that it was Haleigh Broucher. The houseguests didn’t know it, though, and it completely threw off the HOH powers of Angela. How would she deal with her closest alliance member now being at risk of eviction?

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Big Brother 20 Power of Veto Ceremony

The Week 6 Power of Veto holds a lot of power, as it can counteract what Haleigh Broucher did after the Hacker Competition. There is a lot on the line, so this might be one of the more important competitions of the season. The Power of Veto could allow one side of the house to completely control how the next Eviction Ceremony looks. Who won the Power of Veto? Tune in to find out. If you need to know in advance, a previously written article from Inside the BB House covers that.

There is going to be a lot of drama about nominations and powers, especially since Tyler Crispen and Bayleigh Dayton still haven’t used their top-trending advantages. Both could be used as focal points of Episode 19. It will all work up to the Veto Ceremony, which will close out the night and reveal who the BB20 cast will be voting on Thursday night (August 9). This is a big deal.

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The August 8 episode of Big Brother 20 begins at 8/7c on CBS. Then, the Eviction Ceremony will take place during the August 9 episode, with CBS beginning coverage at 9/8c.