Let’s get weird! GISH 2018 highlights

GISH 2018 photo by Stephanie Caffrey
GISH 2018 photo by Stephanie Caffrey /

Supernatural’s Misha Collins’ annual scavenger hunt, GISH, has come to an end. Here are some highlights of this year’s hunt.

Another summer, another week of GISH completed. Every year, Misha Collins puts on an international scavenger hunt called GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt), formally known as GISHWHES.

Last summer Misha made a big deal about it being the very last GISHWHES (as we know it). Everyone was understandably sad, however, it didn’t take long for Misha to announce GISH. Which is basically the same hunt, without the WHES at the end. This was my fifth year participating, and let me tell you, it was just as much fun as years past. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this year’s hunt!

Change a life

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Every year, the hunt has an item where teams can help change someone’s life for the better. This year we helped Rwandan genocide survivors. We raised money to help a group of women start a cooperative farm and market so they could gain some economic independence. We don’t have final numbers for what we raised yet, but Misha gave us an update during the hunt.

After just two days of raising money, teams raised $125,000 for the women. This fully funded the project. And with several days left in the hunt, there were more opportunities to help even more women gain that economic independence. Sometimes all the weird items really overshadow the good. So it’s good to remember that GISH is put on with Misha’s charity Random Acts, so it really does a lot of good as well.

Random acts of kindness

This year’s list, in addition to the change a life item, held a lot of opportunities for hunters to do random acts of kindness for others. Walk a dog at a shelter. Donate backpacks of comfort items to a foster organization. Create non-slip socks and donate them to a care facility. Bring pre-packaged snacks to a care facility. These are all just items that my team personally participated in.

There were several more random act of kindness items on the list as well. If you are someone who has always wanted to participate in GISH but don’t think you’re creative enough or want to embarrass yourself with acting weird in public, remember these items. Random acts of kindness can be performed by anyone, regardless of if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. And no creative talent needed!

A new way to connect

GISH 2018 photo by Stephanie Caffrey
GISH 2018 photo by Stephanie Caffrey /

In Spring 2018, GISH launched their brand new mobile app. This was a way the creative team felt would make the hunt easier. It provided a way for teams to communicate with each other, a way to communicate with other people local to you participating and an easy way to access the list. However, the app wasn’t without its problems. It was slow to load for the first couple days of the hunt the list couldn’t be accessed.

And did I mention it was slow to load?

Going into the hunt, I was pretty skeptical of how useful it would be. My team even decided to just keep using other means of communication, since half the team wasn’t getting the messages that were being sent within it. However, once the hunt began, opinions started changing. The ease in which it was to reach other teams local to you? Amazing.

In hunts past, it was very difficult to find local participants to connect for collaborative items. This year, with the local chat option, it took me less than a day to find five other teams to collaborate with for one of the items. Less than a day. So, of course, I had to eat crow and admit the app was actually a really good idea. Hopefully, by next year the kinks will be ironed out, and people will gain access to the list sooner.

Weird and creative

The best part about GISH is you get to show your weird and creative side. You get to let your weird shine through. There were so many items this year where you got to do weird and creative  things. Using skittles and water to draw a picture of Jensen Ackles. Re-create a famous homepage using needlepoint. Christmas carol on the beach in full winter wear. Have a character from Lord of the Rings go engagement ring shopping.

GISH 2018 photo by Stephanie Caffrey
GISH 2018 photo by Stephanie Caffrey /

Basically, GISH is just one big, exhausting week of getting out of your comfort zone. Meet new people. Try new things. Make new friends! There are so many opportunities for anyone to get involved! Even if it’s just meeting up at an agreed upon location to trade off a life size cardboard cutout of Castiel to help get him from LA to DC.

Next summer, I encourage everyone to give it a try! You definitely won’t regret getting involved. You might find you have a hidden talent for baking cakes and launching them on rockets!

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Did you participate in GISH this year? Do you want to in the future? Share your stories (and photos!) in the comments below! We would love to hear your experiences!

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