Briana DeJesus gives update on daughter Stella’s heart condition


Briana DeJesus recently provided an update on her daughter’s heart condition. It’s something she hasn’t really talked about on the show.

Briana DeJesus started filming Teen Mom 2 two years ago when she was about to give birth to her second daughter Stella. Her main struggles at the time were trying to make things work, including how she wasn’t getting much support from Stella’s father, Luis. She wanted him to be more hands-on, and he was struggling to find a job. However, he took a truck driver job and he started paying child support, which was more than what Devoin had done for his daughter, Nova, over the past couple of years.

But Briana DeJesus was shocked to find out that Stella was struggling to breathe one day after her birth. She was just a little girl, but she was clearly struggling to breathe. During a later episode of Teen Mom 2, DeJesus revealed that Stella had holes in her heart and she was dealing with some serious issues. However, the health concern was never really discussed on the show, as she started dating Javi Marroquin.

Her daughter has just gone through a doctor’s appointment, where she got her shots. And here, Briana DeJesus learned that Stella’s heart has healed and she no longer has heart murmurs. The holes have also closed up.

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It’s interesting that she’s bringing this up now, as she could have used her role on MTV to talk about her daughter’s health issues. The show is supposed to document the struggles of young mothers dealing with the reality of parenting and having babies. Instead, her storyline was about Javi and Kailyn Lowry.

What do you think about Briana DeJesus’ comments about her daughter’s health? Do you think she should have given an update on the show?