Big Brother 20 spoilers: Hacker Competition results in nomination shift

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Hacker Competition results in nomination shift. (Scottie Salton Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Hacker Competition results in nomination shift. (Scottie Salton Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers from the live feeds now reveal partial Hacker Competition results. It has already been a busy day in the BB20 house and that could continue into the night as the houseguests debate about how to deal with the upcoming Power of Veto Competition.

The Week 7 Nomination Ceremony took place earlier on August 10, with new Head of Household Haleigh Broucher naming her eviction targets. Haleigh nominated Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark for eviction. These weren’t surprising Big Brother 20 spoilers for live feed subscribers, as Haleigh had told Rockstar and Faysal Shafaat she was going this route. It did surprise Kaycee and Angela, though, as they thought Sam Bledsoe and Brett Robinson were getting nominated.

Second Hacker Competition results

When the live feeds came back on, it was revealed that Kaycee Clark won the Hacker Competition. She has already decided that she is going to add Tyler Crispen to the Veto Competition as the extra player. All of the houseguests will get called to the Diary Room soon, giving their thoughts on what took place during the Hacker Competition. It is during that time when Kaycee will reveal who is going to replace her on the block. Kaycee told Angela and Tyler that she won the challenge and is trying to compose herself to not seem excited in front of the rest of the BB20 house.

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More Big Brother 20 spoilers to come

As a reminder, the Hacker Competition winner gets a lot of powers. The Hacker can change one of the HOH nominees. Last week, Haleigh Broucher became the first BB Hacker. After Angela Rummans nominated Scottie Salton and Rockstar for eviction, Haleigh took Scottie off the block. She replaced him with Tyler Crispen, setting off a lot of drama in the BB20 house.

The Hacker also gets to name someone to play in the upcoming Power of Veto Competition. Haleigh made a mistake with her choice, sending Kaycee Clark to go play for the power. Kaycee didn’t win, but Haleigh could have had someone like Bayleigh Dayton or Faysal playing in an effort to try to help their alliance.

The final power of the Hacker is to eliminate an eviction vote. Haleigh decided to cancel Tyler’s vote, which took place during the August 9 Eviction Ceremony. It ended up not mattering, but that power could be really important during the Week 7 Eviction Ceremony.

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The next episode of the show will take place on Sunday night (August 12). Before then, more Big Brother 20 spoilers will come out, as the final plans for the Veto Meeting should already be in play. Stay tuned fans, Week 7 is starting to get very interesting.