Briana DeJesus called out by viewers: Only tough with sister and mom in tow


Briana DeJesus charged at Kailyn Lowry during the reunion special when her sister was there. But hours earlier, she did nothing when she was alone.

Briana DeJesus is an interesting character on Teen Mom 2. She is definitely one of the more aggressive girls on the show, as she seems to want to fight with her co-stars when things don’t go her way. She’s also feisty, which means that she may have a hard time convincing her boyfriends to stick with her. Javi Marroquin could clearly not handle her when things got rough between them.

But there is an interesting theory that people have picked up on while watching Teen Mom 2. Whenever Briana is with her sister and her mother, she can say and do whatever she wants, including slamming her co-stars for whatever reason. In addition, she will talk smack and her sister will help get her all excited to talk smack. But when her sister and her mother aren’t around, it seems that Briana is more reserved.

Fans saw this during Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2. When Kailyn Lowry came down to talk to her, she didn’t have much to say. She kept her distance from her co-star and she told Kailyn to get away from her.

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But as soon as she was on stage with her sister and her mother nearby, Briana charged at Kailyn Lowry. She didn’t have anyone in her way, and fan accused her of only fighting Kailyn on stage so it could be filmed for MTV. Plus, she was accused of only acting out, so she could have her sister and mother in tow.

What do you think about Briana DeJesus possibly only speaking out when she has her sister and mother in tow? Do you agree with this theory?