Breaking down that Jack Ryan SDCC virtual reality field training course

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We tried that insane Jack Ryan SDCC virtual reality field training course (yes, the one with the helicopter and zip-line). Here’s exactly how it went down.

San Diego Comic-Con had dozens of activations, walk-throughs and immersive experiences for fans this year that it was difficult to keep track of them all! One of the favorites, crowned as a “SDCC winner” by many Comic-Con veterans was Amazon Prime Video’s activation and field training course for their upcoming action series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Made up of several different stations in a mini-convention of its own that was designed to look like a bazaar and military camp in Yemen, participants were invited to enter the world of Jack Ryan. Everyone who entered first made a personalized photo ID badge, and once inside, there were secondary lines for the different activities and swag.

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There was something for everyone inside the activation compound, from relaxing lounge areas with charging stations to a collaborative escape room (where participants could take real $1 bills home with them). The main attraction was, of course, the virtual reality field training course, which we’re told was only able to accommodate about 100 people per day.

We’ve seen lots of virtual reality at SDCC over the past few years, as well as several challenge courses, but Amazon Prime Video took it up a few notches by combining the two for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. We were fortunate to be able to see how the technology was used in this fan-favorite activation and jumped at the opportunity to break down the field training mission: