Breaking down that Jack Ryan SDCC virtual reality field training course

Credit: Hidden Remote
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The Jack Ryan SDCC virtual reality course

When it was your turn to start the VR, you were seated at the edge of the helicopter, where staff members had you wear the VR headset, connecting it to your backpack and making sure everything was functioning properly.

The video introduced you to your specific mission and showed you a second helicopter that was headed your way. It was going to airlift you out of the one you were currently in!

Lots of people at SDCC first thought that this was going to be a jump out of a helicopter, but it was actually more of a swing. After hanging for a few seconds (successfully being airlifted in the virtual reality mission), you were lowered to the ground by the team.

Now back on your feet and detached from the helicopter, the VR mission kept moving forward. You had to cross over to another building via an “unstable wooden plank”. A staff member helped guide you as you balanced across what appeared via virtual reality to be a narrow plank several stories in the air.

In actuality, the board was resting on top of this very safe platform, but it did wobble back and forth as you moved successfully across. I wasn’t able to get a good video of the plank walk, because it’s hidden by the structure itself, but you can see the staff member assisting in the clip below:

When you made it across, you were instructed to pull down on a level that cut power to the building. In real life, you were just pulling on a metal bar, but in virtual reality, you got to see how your actions were actually cutting the electricity. Then it was time to escape the building: