Breaking down that Jack Ryan SDCC virtual reality field training course

Credit: Hidden Remote
Credit: Hidden Remote /
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Zip-lining out of the building with a virtual reality headset

Once you successfully made it to the other building it was time to zip line down to the
ground and race to the jeep to escape safely with your team! The VR was so engaging that you might not even notice being clipped into the zip line while standing on the platform (for safety reasons, the barrel design acted like a fence, rotating 180 degrees before you could step off).

It took a team of people to help get you out of the zip line, but you still had more of the virtual reality field training mission to complete. With the help of another staff member, you had to run (or walk carefully because you can’t actually see), find the jeep, and drive back to safety to the safe house.

The jeep didn’t actually go anywhere, but the vehicle itself did bounce and move side to side, almost like a vehicle on a 3D theme park ride. After the stationary ride was over, you were helped out of the jeep and could finally take off the VR headset.

Now it’s time to celebrate your successful mission: