Breaking down that Jack Ryan SDCC virtual reality field training course

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Storing gear and returning to the bazaar activation

In another tent, staff helped you remove the VR backpack, the harness, and the hand/foot sensors. We were impressed at how organized the tent was with stations and bins, which made it easier for the staff to clean the gear and transfer it for the next group of operatives to use.

It’s also easy to see why so few people were actually able to get through the whole course — it took a long time for each person to complete the entire field training experience, not counting for any technical difficulties along the way.

Once outside this tent, we were escorted back to the lockers where we retrieved our bags and other items we had acquired at SDCC that day and were left to explore the bazaar activation. The huge space, which offered free water, ice pops, charging stations kept us well-rested and refreshed. There was also a separate escape room (with actual dollar bills you could take) that required teamwork and strategy to complete, but we didn’t have time try it out.

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