Anna Kendrick: 10 greatest movies of all time

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6. The Accountant

Original Release Date: October 14, 2016

Box Office Earnings: Worldwide, the movie made $155,160,045 and the domestic total came to $86,260,045. With a budget of $44 million, it did fairly well at the box office overall.

Critical Acclaim: The tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes has the film at 52%, however the audience score sits at a much higher 76%.

About the Role: Kendrick plays Dana Cummings, an accounting clerk at a robotics firm. She discovers a discrepancy involving millions of dollars and Ben Affleck’s Christian Wolff is a math savant who is brought in to look things over. However, things get dangerous and both Dana and Christian have to try to stay alive. Christian is better with numbers than people, but you can see him slowly warming up to Dana the more time they spend together.

Simply the Best: The Accountant is by no means the best movie on this list, but I enjoyed watching it. Affleck and Kendrick worked well together, even if Kendrick’s role felt a little more forced to fit the storyline. However, Affleck’s Christian Wolff is a complex character who has the Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division closing in on him and we see how he handles the building pressure.