5 Questions we want answered in Ozark Season 2

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What are the consequences of Del’s death?

Del proved himself to be a strong and ruthless member of the cartel early on in the series. He proved that again in the finale when he ripped off Marty’s toenails to find out some information. Del also held an important position for the cartel to take care of their money in the states.

However, Darlene Snell decided to blow his head off after he called her a redneck. Her itchy trigger finger is sure to complicate the situation for the Snells, the Byrdes, and the  FBI.

In order the save his family, Marty had brokered a deal between the cartel and the Snells. With Del now dead, there is a level of uncertainty about the deal. The Snells feel certain that the cartel with honor the deal and not retaliate with violence, but Marty is not so certain.

The cartel’s response to Del’s death will likely inform the story arc for next season, so it will be important to keep an eye on. Will they choose to replace Del and move forward with the deal, or respond with violence?

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An important development to point out is that Marty and the Snells are now in business, which means that they have vowed to protect him and his family. Though Jacob’s promise to “take care of his own” may come with strings, the two are now partners which may momentarily subtract an enemy for Marty.

Agent Petty thought that he finally had Byrde and Del in the finale, but was foiled when Del didn’t emerge from the Snell ranch. The investigation into Byrde will become more complex if the riverboat casino deal goes through. Will Marty become more careless and slip up? What piece of the puzzle will fall in the FBI’s favor?