5 Questions we want answered in Ozark Season 2

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Ozark Season 1, Episode 2 Laura Linney, Jason Bateman Photo: Jackson Davis/Netflix via Netflix Press Media Center /

How will the laundering operation continue?

Marty laundered money through the Blue Cat, the strip club, the church, and recently the funeral home. By the end of the season, Rachel had left with some of Marty’s money and the church could not be used to launder. The new deal struck between the Snells and the cartel should fix the issue of laundering if it is still good.

The idea is to flood three acres of land and create a riverboat casino operated by the Snells. They would be able to sell their drugs on the river and launder the money from the cartel at the same time. Ideally, this deal will go through and will be the main source of laundering for Marty and the cartel.

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If not, there are a few issues. With Rachel gone, there is some money missing and no one to operate the Blue Cat. The church is a lost cause because of the investigation into the arson. Another major obstacle is that it is not the off-season in the Ozarks, so the cash influx from the summer is lost.

Will the riverboat casino deal be finalized by the cartel? If not, how will Marty launder the $50 million?