Big Brother 20 recap: August 12 episode spoilers include new House Hacker

Big Brother 20 recap: August 12 episode spoilers include new House Hacker. (Angie Lantry Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: August 12 episode spoilers include new House Hacker. (Angie Lantry Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 presented a new episode on August 12. This was when CBS viewers would find out who the new Head of Household nominated for eviction and which one of the houseguests won the Hacker Competition.

Bayleigh Dayton was a big part of the “previously on Big Brother” segment to start out Episode 21. This was not a surprise, as the House Meeting hosted by Haleigh Broucher had been a big moment of the previous week. Tyler Crispen was also shown getting The Cloud app from the BB App Store and the Big Brother 20 recap ended with Bayleigh getting evicted by a 6-1 vote.

Haleigh Broucher is Head of Household

Haleigh got the first Diary Room session, stating that she was “pumped” about winning it. She was very worried she would become a target, but now she was safe. Tyler was up next, stating that she was the worst person to win HOH this week. He referenced his special power. Rockstar stated that it was “bittersweet” that she had survived, but lost Bayleigh in the BB20 house.

While Haleigh and Faysal Shafaat celebrated that she had won the HOH, Samantha Bledsoe started crying about losing Bayleigh in the house. Rockstar hugged it out with her, as Sam stated that she was starting to feel alone in the game. Meanwhile, Tyler and Kaycee Clark began strategizing in the Storage Room, stating that they needed to win the Hacker Competition in order to save themselves this week. They also talked about how Sam wasn’t following the plan he had laid out.

It was revealed that before the Bayleigh eviction, that Tyler shared the secret about his power with Sam. Sam didn’t believe him, stating in a Diary Room session that she felt that he was lying. Tyler had his own Diary Room session, where he admitted that it may not have have been a good idea to share that secret.

Planning the nominations

Haleigh chatted with Rockstar about how she wanted her nominations to go, talking about possible nominees like Sam, Angela, or Brett, with her primary eviction target being Tyler this week. Kaycee and Angela had their own chat about what was taking place and they felt that it was Sam that would end up as the target. It was noted that Sam had nominated Haleigh when she was the Head of Household.

Some time was also spent on Brett trying to get closer to Haleigh in the BB20 house. He noted in a Diary Room session that he was going to work on her for information and that it didn’t hurt that Haleigh was a “smoke show.” Then, Tyler approached Haleigh about the nominees, trying to find out if he was going to be on the block or not. He was trying to figure out if he needed to use The Cloud yet.

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Week 7 Nomination Ceremony

At the Nomination Ceremony, Haleigh nominated Kaycee and Angela for eviction. The ladies were a bit shocked, as this was not a scenario that they had chatted about before it took place. Tyler was pretty pleased, as he now had an extra opportunity to possibly save his secret power.

Big Brother 20: Second Hacker Competition

The BB20 cast members were back in their Hacker rooms for the competition. This time, they had to correctly answer which room of the house was depicted in a particular picture that popped up on their screen. They were only given pieces of the image before guessing, adding to the difficulty level.

Just like with the first Hacker Competition, it was played in rounds, with everyone answering at the same time. The houseguest to get the most right would win the powers of being the House Hacker for the next week.

Kaycee Clark won the Hacker Competition. Kaycee took herself off the block and placed Rockstar on the block as her Hacker choice. The people on the block at the end of the episode were Angela Rummans and Rockstar.

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That brings an end to the August 12 Big Brother 20 recap. The next episode of the show comes on Wednesday night (August 15), when the Week 7 Power of Veto results will get revealed to the CBS audience.