Better Call Saul season 4, episode 2 brings out some emotion

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill - Better Call Saul _ Season 4, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television
Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill - Better Call Saul _ Season 4, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television /

Better Call Saul returns with an emotional performance from Kim as death continues to be a present situation for everyone to deal with.

We didn’t see too much of our bad guys in the season premiere, but “Breathe” starts off with an update on Hector Salamanca. Gus shows his power by saying he gets to decide what happens to Hector and no one else. The way he says it, you absolutely believe him, too.

Jimmy is more than likely suppressing his feelings about Chuck’s death and just tries to keep busy with job interviews. You see the worry on Kim’s face right away, but it doesn’t stop Jimmy from hurrying off. He thinks he’d be a distraction to her since the apartment is doubling as her office now, but it just sounds like an excuse to get out of there.

While Hector is in the hospital, Nacho pays a visit to his father’s shop. Manuel lays out the money and Nacho tells him that no one is coming for the money, but his dad doesn’t really believe him. You can’t really blame him, because his son is the reason he kept owing money in the first place. However, Nacho is working on his own way out.

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Jimmy’s job hunt is more entertaining than I was anticipating. He goes in to interview for a sales job at a printing company that sells copiers and he pitches himself to them with enthusiasm. As it turns out, he just wanted to see if they’d even do their due diligence (they didn’t) and he declines the job offer. In his current situation, you’d think he’d jump at the first job offer, but he makes a point that they didn’t even bother with a background check. The scary thing is, some companies probably do this all the time.

Mike is with Kaylee at the park when he gets a call and has to meet with Lydia. She thinks he’s raising their threat of exposure by showing up as an actual security consultant. Mike thinks more strategically than a lot of people on the show and it pays off for him. He has a cushy check and Gus Fring’s respect right now. That’s not a bad spot to be in. Although, Lydia turns around and calls Gus about it and his advice is for her to give Mike a badge.

Dr. Bruckner is introduced and she takes over Hector’s care. She talks to his nephews and tells them that she wants to try something new to stimulate his brain. This is bad news for Nacho and his father. Gus is also update on Hector’s condition later.

Better Call Saul
Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill, Andrew Friedman as Mr. Neff, Michael Naughton as Seymour – Better Call Saul _ Season 4, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television /

Even though we saw Rebecca last week, this is the first time we see her really interact with anyone. Howard brings her in to deal with Chuck’s will and Kim goes on Jimmy’s behalf. After Rebecca leaves, Kim confronts Howard about telling them his theory that Chuck killed himself. She lets it all out and her main message to Howard is to just stay away.

Jimmy returns with dinner, as promised, and the two don’t really end up eating dinner or watching Jaws 3D. Jimmy wakes up in the middle of the night and starts searching for the M.I. Hummel figurine that he saw during his job interview. He then calls Mike about a job.

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Nacho pulls his gun out during a drug deal so that they get the correct amount of bricks that they usually get. The discomfort is written all over Nacho’s face even as he tries to stay loyal in the meantime. However, Gus and his people jump them outside. He tells Nacho that he knows what he’s done, but the Salamanca’s don’t so he has to just let Arturo die and work for Gus instead. So much for him finding a way out for himself. That’ll be wishful thinking now, and probably was in the first place anyway.

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