Could Jenelle Evans be done with having kids?

Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press
Photo Credit: Teen Mom 2/MTV Image Acquired from MTV Press /

Jenelle Evans keeps promoting products that help people stay thin. Could she be done having kids now that she’s possibly leaving Teen Mom 2?

Jenelle Evans has denied that she’s pregnant with her fourth child, even though her husband, David Eason, likes to confuse people. He recently posted something along the lines of someone being 11 weeks pregnant, and the baby being a girl. Since he and Jenelle have a girl together, people quickly assumed that he was talking about Jenelle. Of course, it’s possible he was talking about a family member.

It didn’t take long for people to assume that Jenelle Evans was pregnant. Since she hid her pregnancy with Ensley on Teen Mom 2 for a while, it’s possible that she could be doing the same thing to avoid a backlash from fans. It’s no secret that people aren’t always thrilled about her becoming a mother again. She once revealed that she was done having kids until she got Jace back in her legal care. That has yet to happen, but she still got pregnant with Ensley.

Jenelle has denied that she’s pregnant and it’s clear that she wants to continue with her life as it is, continue to be married to David and fight for Jace in court. She’s the biological mother of three kids and the stepmother to two more.

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If she did indeed confirm a pregnancy, she would be the mother of six children in some capacity. One can imagine that would be quite the handful considering she’s not filming Teen Mom 2 right now and may not have a job lined up.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ possible decision that she’s done having kids? Do you think she will surprise everyone with a pregnancy announcement?