Adult Swim: How the Venture Brothers has kept fans enthralled

Photo Credit: Venture Brothers/Adult Swim Acquired from Turner Press Room
Photo Credit: Venture Brothers/Adult Swim Acquired from Turner Press Room /

Now in its 7th season and the longest-running show on Adult Swim, the Venture Brothers still captivate fans but how has it stayed relevant this long?

Adult Swim is easily the leading channel for late-night viewers. It features a mix of both animated and live-action shows with all different types of humor. One show, in particular, has stood the test of time and that’s The Venture Brothers.

Since airing in 2004, The Venture Brothers has continued to enthrall fans. Currently, it is the longest-running show on Adult Swim. With a 7th season underway and an upcoming 8th, it’s bound to be around for a few more years. With such long hiatuses, how has it managed to stay as relevant and beloved by fans?

Breaking down The Venture Brothers is hard as it’s an expansive show but let’s get into it. The main reason why fans keep returning is the show has continued to adapt each season. At first, you could watch any episodes in any order but it now has continuity.

Anyways, getting back to the premise of the show. Originally, the show followed The Venture Brothers of Hank and Dean, their father Rusty who was a boy adventurer turned scientist, their bodyguard Brock Samson and eventually Sergeant Hatred. The last regular character is The Monarch, Rusty’s arch-nemesis who doesn’t pay much attention to.

As the show went on, it has introduced a plethora of new characters including villains, friends of the “Venture Team” and family members. What really stands out about each character is the attention to detail. Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer put a lot of thought into characters and their actions, making them a mix of likable and unlikable at the same time.

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In speaking about characters, I’d be remiss to not talk about the voice acting. The voice actors on The Venture Brothers feel like they embody their characters. Even if there aren’t a lot of well-known names, they play their character to a tee. In recent years, the show has had some star-studded guest stars including Bill Hader, Clancy Brown and Nathan Fillion.

Another reason the show has stayed relevant is the overarching mystery. In season 2, we found out who the Venture Brothers truly are and why they end up that way. We also found out more about Doc’s past including Dermott, what happened to Jonas Sr. and eventually, the identity of the Blue Morpho.

Even with the show keeping things fresh, it isn’t afraid to make callbacks. Most notably, The Venture Brothers is a parody of Johnny Quest with Rusty as a grown-up version of the titular character. The show also features nods to the series and other properties such as Scooby-Doo and Fantastic Four.

With 6 seasons, 1 currently airing and 1 in the future, The Venture Brothers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Each season adds to the mythos of the show while still keeping it fresh. Season 7 in particular is shaping up to be one of the best. It’s only aired 2 episodes, but there’s so many questions and theories to dig through.

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The Venture Brothers has stayed relevant in the wake of shows losing steam. If anything, it’s long hiatuses have helped the show. Maybe others should take a page out of their book. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll be ready for the show to end when Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick see fit.

Venture Brothers airs Sundays on Adult Swim at 12:00/11:00c.

Do you watch Venture Brothers? How do you think it has stayed relevant this long and any thoughts on Season 7? I’d love to discuss in the comments!