General Hospital spoilers: Kiki’s victory is Griffin’s downfall

Photo courtesy of ABC.
Photo courtesy of ABC. /

Kiki Jerome is celebrating her sweet victory against Dr. Bensch on General Hospital, but Griffin is not ready to pop the champagne bottle just yet.

General Hospital spoilers promise a big week and it has been so far. Ava Jerome is now a scorned woman and she is out for revenge in a big way. She feels betrayed by not only her daughter, but the man she fell in love with. She has been keeping some leverage against Griffin Munro for months and she is now ready to fire away.

Griffin gets suspended

Griffin thought that he only had a couple of face slaps to worry about, but he may want to think again. On Wednesday’s General Hospital, he is in danger of losing his job. The previews show him sitting in Monica Quartermaine’s office. Spoilers say that he is stunned. The reason is that she tells him that he is suspended from his duties at GH.

He has no idea that Ava has kept a photo of Peter August’s DNA test that Griffin ran without his knowledge or consent. Ava wants her former boy toy to pay for humiliating her and breaking her heart. Is this too harsh, even for Ava Jerome? Griffin could lose his job permanently.

Ava confronts Kiki after her victory

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Kiki is thrilled that the jury ruled in her favor in her sexual harassment case against Dr. Bensch. However, sparks are going to fly today on General Hospital when she and her mother confront each other. Ava will be taking her anger out on her daughter and it won’t be pretty. Kiki’s victory did have its price, and that is Ava’s anger, and that is a dangerous thing.

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Once Kiki learns what her mother did to seek revenge on Griffin for their one night affair, she will try to fix things. It may be too late for that, but there could be a glimmer of hope to possibly keep his job.

Peter is the one who is the center of this when it comes to Griffin running that test secretly. If Peter comes forward and vouches that he did indeed give consent, that could clear Griffin to get his job back. You never know, Peter may just start doing good to get Maxie back in his life. He could very well have some sympathy for the doc.

Are you enjoying watching the downfall of Griffin Munro? Does he deserve Ava’s revenge? Stay tuned to General Hospital this week to see how Kiki reacts to her mother’s scheme to get back at them.