Big Brother 20: Is Tyler Crispen better than Paul Abrahamian?

Big Brother 20: Is Tyler Crispen better than Paul Abrahamian? (Tyler Crispen Photo: Screengrab/CBS)
Big Brother 20: Is Tyler Crispen better than Paul Abrahamian? (Tyler Crispen Photo: Screengrab/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 is getting dominated by houseguest Tyler Crispen. He also might have something to teach Paul Abrahamian about how to play the game, as he is easily the favorite to become the Big Brother 20 winner.

As CBS viewers saw during the August 15 episode, Tyler Crispen just won another Power of Veto. This is already the fourth Veto Competition that Tyler has won this summer on Big Brother 20. Yes, he gets credit for winning it last week as well, when he chose the trip over the Power of Veto necklace. If he had wanted the power, he could have taken it, but instead, Tyler allowed Angela Rummans to “win” it.

Tyler Crispen is dominating the BB20 cast

Tyler was the first Head of Household for the summer 2018 season and quickly set the tone with his Level Six alliance. Though he has been at risk by getting nominated, each time he has found a way to take himself off the block. He also could have won an Endurance Challenge, but dropped out so that Sam Bledsoe could become Head of Household.

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Tyler playing Paul Abrahamian’s friendship game on Big Brother 20

The key to the continued success that Tyler is having in the game is that he has been able to develop friendships with almost everyone in the BB20 house. Though his friendship with Bayleigh Dayton blew up during the House Meeting hosted by Haleigh Broucher, he was able to get really close to her and manipulate her personal game.

Tyler has been equally successful at working against Rachel Swindler, Haleigh, Kaitlyn Herman, and Scottie Salton in the game. Kaitlyn was still defending Tyler during her exit interview with host Julie Chen. Some of the BB20 cast members are starting to figure things out, but is it too late to stop Tyler Crispen from becoming the Big Brother 20 winner? Does anyone else deserve to win the title?

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During the August 16 Eviction Ceremony, either Rockstar or Kaycee Clark is going to be sent to the BB20 jury house. That will put Tyler in the final nine houseguests and take him one step closer to winning the $500,000 prize. He is playing a very similar game to Paul Abrahamian, but can he accomplish something Paul never did by winning a season? Or will his dishonesty with many of the houseguests lead to a lot of angry jurors? Only time will tell.