The Meg: 4 missed enhancement opportunities

The Meg, photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures via WB Media Pass
The Meg, photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures via WB Media Pass /
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Finding Nemo
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The lack of shark movie canon is unacceptably minimal.

There were so many references that could have been made that could have enhanced The Meg tenfold. Indeed, multiple scenes are so ingrained in shark movie canon that absolutely anyone interested in the topic would have received immediate gratification at the reference.

First and foremost, when The Meg approached the underground facility after being released through the thermocline hole, it slowly came up to where the little girl was at. It hovered, and almost smiled before it took a massive bite. If that wasn’t a direct reference to Finding Nemo, then I don’t know what is. If you didn’t immediately say to yourself, “Fish are friends, not food,” then you need to brush up on your kids’ animation jokes.

There are a few other shark movies that deserved a nod. To wit:

Not even a subtle reference about a shark with “a brain the size of a flat head V8 engine and no natural predators think about”? C’mon Dean Georgaris. I expect more after the awesomeness of The Brave.

Furthermore, an homage to Fonzi jumping the shark would have been simple. It’s not like Jonas wasn’t already basically riding The Meg. Additionally, there was a scene where Jonas was being drug by a giant winch. How hard would it have been to circle around for one scene and let him jump the shark?