Mile 22: A surprisingly fun, bloody ride

Mark Wahlberg stars in MILE 22. photo courtesy STX Films via EPK
Mark Wahlberg stars in MILE 22. photo courtesy STX Films via EPK /

Peter Berg’s violent action movie Mile 22, starring Mark Wahlberg, is a surprisingly fun, bloody ride.

Mark Wahlberg stars as James “Jimmy” Silva, an agent in a secret CIA crew whose mission is hardly ever to “get the target back alive.” They’re an assassination squad, tasked to find and kill said target. Mile 22 follows Jimmy, along with Alice (Lauren Cohan), Sam (Ronda Rousey), and William (Carlo Alban), as they try to transport Li Noor (Iko Uwais) to a plane that’ll take him to the United States. Li has demanded asylum in exchange for some valuable information — codes that’ll reveal the location of explosives big enough to destroy multiple cities.

Can Li be trusted? There isn’t much time to think it over. The plane that’ll fly Li to safety is located 22 miles from their location, the U.S. Embassy. Needless to say, the ride there will be everything but easy. Much like one of the most violent video games you’ve ever played, dozens of men who want Li dead surround Jimmy’s path.

Mile 22
Ronda Rousey stars as Sam Snow in the STXfilms MILE 22. photo courtesy STX Films via EPK /

Think Mission Impossible, but subtract its fun one-liners and happy endings. To that, add a ton of carnage and you have Mile 22. The movie is rated R for good reason, it’s brutal. However, it’s not savage enough to be campy. In fact, Mile 22 is pretty realistic, as far as action movies go.

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Unlike Ethan Hunt who can get hit by a car and run in high-speed the following second, the characters in Mile 22 suffer the consequences of every punch, shot, and crash. Let’s just say, not everyone will survive the trip.

Mile 22 won’t immediately capture your attention. This may be a deal-breaker for some moviegoers. The movie kicks off with an action sequence, but then takes what feels like a long while to pick back up. But hang tight and fasten your seat belts. Once Mile 22 gets going, it doesn’t stop and it’s a very bumpy ride.

The Peter Berg directed film is intense and features a cast who all came ready to play. Jimmy is bipolar, quick-tempered and even quicker to snap at others. Yet, we get him, and he truly does care about everyone in his crew. Alice is dealing with her ex-husband, Luke (portrayed by Berg) and not being able to be with her daughter. And Sam is as tough as they get. Berg does a fine job getting audiences to fall for these characters.

Mile 22
Lauren Cohan stars as Alice in the STXfilms MILE 22. photo courtesy STX Films via EPK /

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Critics aren’t loving it, but if fast action and Mark Wahlberg are your thing, go check it out! And, another thing to love, Mile 22 is only 95 minutes.

Mile 22 is in theaters Friday, August 17.