Claws season 2 ends with a brand new Desna

Claws season 2, Episode 2. From the Turner press site
Claws season 2, Episode 2. From the Turner press site /

After two seasons of being played by the Palmetto drug king- and queen-pins, Desna ends season 2 of Claws by claiming her throne.

When we spoke with Niecy Nash before the season, she said that Desna would be “leaning in” to the drug business in Claws season 2. We weren’t misled because Desna did lean into the business. Unfortunately, this meant her going under the wing of the unpredictable Zlata and neglecting her girls.

This was familiar for fans of the show because, though she wasn’t leaning in during the first season, she was under the thumb of the Hussers in season 1. Desna wasn’t completely happy but she was going along for the ride with Zlata before she realized that her fiance wasn’t what he seemed.

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Finding Zlata and Dr. Ruval together was the ultimate betrayal. At that point, she hadn’t even realized that Dr. Ruval was in the drug business. To find out in this manner completely changed everything. She went on to find out that Ruval planned to marry her, murder her, and use her clean name to expand the drug business that he and Zlata had. The woman she was looking to as a mentor and the man she fell in love with were not only sleeping together but plotting on her life.

The switch flipped

After realizing what was going on, Desna managed to play it cool with both Zlata and Dr. Ruval despite her disgust. She went to the police to get her honeymoon suite wire-tapped so they’d hear all of Ruval’s plans. She swapped out the drug that Zlata gave her with one from the police that would simply put Dr. Ruval to sleep instead of killing him. She went behind Dr. Ruval’s back to find out all of the businesses and properties that he owned to see what she may be able to keep once he was arrested. She had her eyes on the prize.

Claws 210 6/13/2018 Skip Bolen
Claws 210 6/13/2018 Skip Bolen /

The plan

Desna planned to try to turn Dr. Ruval and Zlata in, but when that plan fell apart she had to go into survival mode. Unfortunately, Dr. Ruval was tipped off that she was trying to kill him and instead attacks her in the room. He doesn’t believe she has it in her to kill him but she proves him wrong when she stabs him with the bottle and throws him over the balcony.

Shaken, she expects Zlata to help her when she arrives but Zlata has one more trick up her sleeve. After Desna signs over the assets to her, Zlata pulls a gun on Desna. When Desna came to Zlata with the plan to get rid of Ruval she likely saw this as an opportunity to walk away with everything. Yet another person underestimating Desna.

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The result

Fortunately for Desna, her brother Dean shows up and shoots Zlata. She quickly tells her friends who enter the room not to speak because everything has been recorded. She snatches Zlata’s “Boss” chain and this is the first sign of a coming change.

They know who Dr. Ruval was, they have Zlata’s confession, and both of them are dead and unable to testify. The officers tell Desna that they are going to have to take the shop since it was part of the money laundering scheme but her charges should be dropped if the story checks out.

When Clay tries to reclaim his seat at the head of the table, Desna, “Boss” chain around her neck, tells Clay that the only thing better than a piece of the pie is the whole pie. Clay tells Roller to get Desna in check but Roller steps behind her, he’s her number 2 now.

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Desna is running things, but what does that mean? In the final moments Desna finds out that a casino was left in her name, but before she can celebrate a gunman tries to kill her. Virginia steps in to take the bullet for her and it looks like a headshot, unfortunately. We’ll have to wait until next season to find out if Virginia lives and what queen-pin Desna looks like.

Claws will return for a 3rd season next summer. Until then, you can stream Claws on or the TNT app.