Life Sentence fans have The Family Practice to look forward to

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Fans of Life Sentence were robbed when their series was canceled so soon but the creators of the CW series are back with The Family Practice.

It will never be as good as Life Sentence, which was canceled way before it should have been, but fans of the CW series can look forward to something new coming from the creators of Life Sentence, The Family Practice. Created by Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith, The Family Practice, focuses on the word of adoption. An emotional series, which will be focused on the point of view of attorneys and social workers who attempt to solve their own dysfunctional family problems while also attempting to create the perfect family for their own clients.

Fox has picked up The Family Practice and given it the Put Pilot commitment, which is a great start for the new series. Whenever a network agrees to a Put Pilot commitment they agree to air the pilot as a special or a series. If they do not air the pilot there can be financial repercussion for the network. Basically, there is a very, very good chance the pilot will be picked up for a full series by the network.

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So for everybody that felt short-changed after Life Sentence was canceled, while The Family Practice will certainly never replace the emotional hole left behind, it can certainly act as a bit of a consolation prize. You might not be getting Life Sentence back but you are getting the creators.

There has been no official announcement about when The Family Practice will air its pilot episode. Fox has only just agreed to the Put Pilot so everything is still in the early stages right now.

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What do you think about The Family Practice? Is it something you would consider watching? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.