Here’s everyone who knows and doesn’t know about Liza’s secret on Younger

Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press
Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press /

Who knows about Liza’s secret on Younger and who still remains in the dark? Here’s the definitive list, including the latest to find out.

Since the very first episode of Younger, Liza has been concealing a scandalous little secret: She’s not actually 27. To get her foot back in the door of the publishing world, 40-something Liza fibbed about her age to score a job at Empirical. Ever since, she’s been walking a taut tightrope as she pretends to be a millennial and lies to those closest to her.

However, as the series rushes toward its sixth season and Liza’s secret becomes harder and harder to keep under wraps, she has had to do the right thing and fess up. From Josh to Kelsey to Charles, learning Liza’s secret stung and sometimes severed ties. But with more characters getting in the know, it can be difficult to remember who knows the truth and who doesn’t. Here’s your definitive guide to Liza’s secret ahead of the season 5 finale!

Who knows?

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Maggie. Of course, Maggie was the first to know Liza’s secret because she was the one who helped conceive the idea with Liza. Without Maggie’s sage advice, Liza wouldn’t have had the courage to lie about her age, get back into publishing, and make a total mess of her relationships. Wait, is this a good or bad thing?

Josh. Once Liza started dating Josh, who was under the impression she was his age, he became the lucky winner to be the first to know Liza’s secret. He didn’t immediately love hearing that his girlfriend lied about her age by about 20 years, but Josh wound up accepting and coming to terms with the lie. Well, as much as he could, at least.

Kelsey. Given that Liza and Kelsey work so closely together at Millennial Print, it was only a matter of time before Kelsey learned the major secret. When Liza told Kelsey, it caused an unbearable rift in their personal and professional relationship, though Kelsey kept up appearances in order to maintain Millennial. Before long, they were back on track.

Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press
Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press /

Charles. In the beginning of season 5, Charles became the latest character in Liza’s inner circle to discover that she hadn’t been totally honest about her age. Charles and Liza had just decided to give their romance a shot when the information on Liza’s real age came across Charles’ desk and it imploded everything. But by some miracle, Charles waved the white flag.

Caitlin. The most recent episode of Younger inducted a new member into the elite group of people who know about Liza’s secret. Caitlin, Liza’s daughter, introduced her mother to her new boyfriend. He’s closer to Liza’s age than Caitlin’s, and Liza drops the bomb about her secret to level with her. Caitlin’s reaction is perfect, laughing in her face and asking if people have seen her in the daylight.

Assorted others. Throughout the series, Liza has either been found out by awful blackmailers or she was forced to tell new people in order to gain an ally.

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Who doesn’t know?

Diana, Lauren, and Zane. Of the final three characters in the main cast who are still in the dark, neither of them seem to be the type who would be up in arms about Liza’s secret. Considering his ruthless track record as an editor, Zane might try to use it as ammo to get what he wants. But on the other hand, Diana and Lauren would no doubt be unfazed. Diana would probably hear the truth and say she already knew, didn’t care, and just wants her coffee. Lauren would 100% support Liza’s endeavor against ageism and use her PR prowess to get her on Ellen. No sweat here, Liza!

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