Wynonna Earp recap: Season 3, Episode 5, Jolene

WYNONNA EARP -- "Jolene" — Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./Syfy — Acquired via NBC Media Center
WYNONNA EARP -- "Jolene" — Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./Syfy — Acquired via NBC Media Center /

Wynonna Earp has the team in another glamour as they attempt to navigate desserts and a demon. 

After Mama Earp escaped from prison and accidentally lets a demon loose on the Earp homestead in Wynonna Earp, the team meets Jolene (Zoie Palmer), a seemingly lovely woman that is only too happy to give them any and all confectionaries. In truth, Jolene is a demon that has been attached to Mama Earp for years and only wants one thing: the torture and destruction of Waverly Earp.

When Mama tried to burn down the barn all those years ago with Waverly inside, she was actually attempting to perform an exorcism on a demon that had been following Waverly ever since she was born. Instead, she ended up getting the demon inextricably linked to her, until now that is.

Jolene flitters back and forth throughout the team trying to sow doubt and mistrust between everyone, all with the help of her brainwashing pastries. With the precision of a scalpel, she manipulates the team into finally attacking each other at Shorty’s in a full-on brawl that ends with Wynonna and Mama in a jail cell for punching Nicole and many, many others.

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It becomes clear that everything Jolene has done is to erode Waverly’s support system one-by-one until it feels to her like she has no one. Nicole almost breaks up with her over not being told about Mama and Wynonna, Doc, and Mama treat her like a whiny crybaby thanks to some well-placed brownies.

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All of this to get Waverly to this final point where she could even consider taking her own life, something that Jolene is unable to do herself. The two of them came into the world at the same time as counterbalances: one light, one dark. This links them on a deeply spiritual level that prevents Jolene from being able to kill her.

This needs to be Waverly’s decision, but Waves is strong in her own right. She knows deep down that Wynonna, Nicole, Doc, Jeremy (who is suspiciously absent), and Mama all love her no matter what and nothing Jolene can say will change that.

To further prove this, Wynonna and Mama arrive on the scene and trap Jolene, only for her to be dragged off by a malevolent tree force that she recognizes as Bulshar. To put a nice coda on everything we’ve learned about Waverly in this episode, Wynonna goes to visit Bobo del Rey to inform that, despite his pleading to Doc, Waves will never be coming to visit. He then informs her that Waverly is an even truer form of light than we already knew her to be, that her father was none other than an actual, physical angel.

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