Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 19 episode include nominees

Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 19 episode include nominees. (BB20 Cast Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from August 19 episode include nominees. (BB20 Cast Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 returned for a new episode on August 19. The spoilers from this episode will include the Week 8 Head of Household and who they nominated for eviction.

Episode 24 began by showing Haleigh Broucher taking over as Head of Household. It then broke down how badly her reign as the HOH went, with the House Hacker (Kaycee Clark) and Power of Veto winner (Tyler Crispen) throwing off her plans. In the end, it was Rockstar who ended up as the target for the Level Six alliance. Rockstar was evicted by a 5-1 vote toward the end of the last Big Brother 20 episode. Then, the remaining houseguests started playing in the HOH Endurance Competition.

The HOH Endurance Competition

The eight competing houseguests had to work to transport liquid from one side of the backyard to the other one. They had to slide down a slippery hill to deliver liquid in a small cup and then climb back up to retrieve more of it. There were two tubes to fill up, with one being for the HOH crown and a smaller one that would award $5,000 to the person that filled it up.

While seven people were competing to become the Head of Household, JC Mounduix decided to go after the $5,000 instead. Despite trying to fill the smaller one, JC still didn’t do very well in the competition. As for the competition for the HOH, Faysal Shafaat, Tyler Crispen, and Scottie Salton were the three houseguests who raced out in front. Meanwhile, Haleigh complained from the sidelines that “literally this is the only one I wanted to play in.”

Faysal won the Head of Household Competition.

Diary Room sessions

Faysal had a Diary Room session where he expressed his excitement about finally having the power. Then, Brett Robinson and Tyler Crispen were shown (individually), stating how they needed to figure out a target in order to help keep Level Six safe. JC also had a DR, where he rejoiced about Faysal winning, as he says he has controlled everything Faysal has done this season.

Operation: Make Scottie Salton the target

The Level Six alliance has been trying to set up Scottie for most of the summer. The plan, for a while, has been for them to plant seeds of negativity about Scottie and that was going to continue this week. The new wrinkle to the plan, was for Brett to lie about the August 16 Big Brother 20 Eviction Ceremony, and state that he voted to evict Kaycee. It was actually only Scottie who voted to support Rockstar, so this was bound to create some drama.

JC helped Level Six push the lie even further, stating that he was told by Sam Bledsoe that Scottie voted out Rockstar. JC went back to Level Six to tell them what he had done, getting Kaycee to act happy that Scottie had helped to save her and Brett to pretend he was upset that Rockstar was out of the BB20 house.

After Faysal showed everyone his HOH Room, he stated that he would not host one-on-one meetings. With everyone in the room, though, Faysal asked everyone to confirm who they voted out. Scottie and Brett both said they voted to evict Kaycee. Then, Kaycee went into another one of her fake speeches, attacking people personally while stating she had never worked with Brett. Later, she began yelling at Scottie as they exited the HOH Room, saying she was closer with Scottie than Brett.

Week 8 Big Brother 20 Nomination Ceremony

For anyone who watched the August 19 episode, there were no surprises at the end of Episode 24. Faysal Shafaat had been thoroughly convinced by other people in the BB20 house that Scottie wanted him out and that he wanted Haleigh to himself. Any time Haleigh tried to insert that it wasn’t true, Faysal would shut her down and state that she shouldn’t be friends with him.

At the Week 8 Nomination Ceremony, Faysal nominated Scottie Salton and Brett Robinson for eviction. It was glaringly obvious that Faysal was targeting Scottie for eviction this week.

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The next Big Brother 20 episode takes place on Wednesday night (August 22), when CBS viewers find out who won the Week 8 Veto Competition.