Younger season 5, episode 11 preview: Will Liza tell Diana the truth in Germany?

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Photo Credit: Younger/TV Land, Acquired From TV Land Press /

In the latest episode of Younger, the Empirical team travels to Frankfurt to attend a famous book fair. What drama will erupt in Germany?

The penultimate episode of Younger’s fifth season arrived, and the Empirical crew will be packing up all their drama and taking it abroad. The whole gang heads to Frankfurt, Germany to attend the world’s largest annual book fair, where they will be showcasing their latest titles, including Jake’s forthcoming political memoir and Reese Witherspoon-approved bestseller Marriage Vacation. But something else could potentially be brewing over in Frankfurt, and it’s not just the beer. Could Liza finally up the courage to drop the truth on Diana?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility given Liza has been on a truth kick as of late on Younger. On top of being more honest with Charles about her feelings on their relationship, she came clean to her daughter about the double life she’s been leading. Of course, Caitlin eschewed the betrayal act and laughed in her mom’s face, but will a few pints of beer encourage Liza to fess up to her boss? There’s a couple of truths Liza could spill to Diana, and both of them are dangerous. Meanwhile, Liza and Kelsey just might find themselves in another disagreement over their business strategies.

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Will Liza decide to let Diana in on her secret, or is that wishful thinking? Would Liza tell Diana about lying about her age and dating Charles? Will matters between Liza and Josh continue to get complicated… again? How does Charles react to Liza’s boundaries, and will Kelsey get caught in the middle of any fallout? What bombshells await that lead into the highly anticipated season finale? Don’t miss the brand new episode this Tuesday to find out. Until then, watch a break down of Liza’s latest truth spree from last week’s episode of Younger in the clip below!

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Curious as to what we can expect from the latest episode of Younger? Check out the official synopsis of “Fraudlein” via TV Land:

"The Empirical gang heads to Frankfurt for the world’s biggest annual book fair."

Here’s everyone who knows and doesn’t know about Liza’s secret on Younger. dark. Next

When, where, and how can you catch up with all of the sweet little lies on Younger? As luck would have it, you can currently binge-watch the first four seasons on Hulu. But if you’re religiously watching Liza’s (mis)adventures against ageism, you will want to be front and center for the continued twists and turns in Liza’s continued push and pull between Charles, Josh, and the pesky truth. Here’s everything you need to know to ensure don’t miss a single minute of Season 5 of Younger.

When? Tuesday, Aug. 21
What time? 10 p.m. ET
Which episode? Season 5, Episode 11, “Fraudlein”
Where? TV Land
How can you watch? Stream 1 | Stream 2