Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who gets evicted next clear in live feeds update

Big Brother 20 spoilers: Eviction target clear in live feeds update. (JC Mounduix and Faysal Shafaat Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)
Big Brother 20 spoilers: Eviction target clear in live feeds update. (JC Mounduix and Faysal Shafaat Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers point toward one outcome at the August 23 Eviction Ceremony. This live feeds update covers the important moments of Week 8 in the BB20 house.

It’s just about time to write the obituary for one particular houseguest, who is going to find out what the BB20 jury house looks like very soon. Even though it’s only Tuesday (August 21) of an eviction week, the next vote is basically set in stone already. That’s bad news for the current Head of Household, even though he doesn’t realize it yet. As for the latest Big Brother 20 spoilers, they may have some fans of the show shaking their heads.

Faysal Shafaat sets eviction target

After Faysal won the HOH Endurance Competition, he made it very clear on the live feeds that he wanted Scottie Salton to get evicted. Despite Haleigh Broucher trying to talk him out of the plan, Faysal began working toward that goal. At the Week 8 Nomination Ceremony, Faysal nominated Scottie and Brett Robinson for eviction, setting the stage for what he called “a big move.”

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Big Brother 20 spoilers: A successful HOH week?

Over the weekend, Brett Robinson won the Power of Veto Competition. Again, this came as good news for Faysal, as he really didn’t want Scottie to take himself off the block. Then, at the Veto Ceremony, Brett used the Power of veto to save himself. That was expected. Seeing another opportunity to control what Faysal does this season, Kaycee Clark volunteered to be a pawn. Faysal jumped at the opportunity, using Kaycee as the replacement nominee.

As for the most important Big Brother 20 spoilers of the week, Scottie Salton is about to get evicted from the game. He will become the third member of the BB20 jury, joining Bayleigh Dayton and Rockstar in the jury house. The votes are stacked against him and yet another person from that side of the house is going to fall victim to the Level Six alliance.

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Faysal Shafaat is quite pleased with how his week as the Head of Household has gone. First, he was ecstatic about dominating the HOH Competition, and now, he has succeeded at getting his primary target evicted from the BB20 house. Later, he might realize that this was a huge mistake, but for now, he is enjoying how easy it was. Maybe too easy? These Big Brother 20 spoilers are laid out from the CBS live feeds and will get confirmed during the August 23 Eviction Ceremony.