The Walking Dead Season 8 available on Blu-Ray and DVD now

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC by Gene Page; via AMC Press
Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC by Gene Page; via AMC Press /

There’s time to catch up before The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres in Oct. The Walking Dead Season 8 is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital.

Not caught up on The Walking Dead yet? Well, now you’ve got no excuse. Before Season 9 premieres in Oct., you have the time to catch up on The Walking Dead Season 8 with the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray. Don’t want a physical copy? You can also get it on Digital.

Depending on where you get the boxset from will depend on the type of cover and exclusives you get. Best Buy offers a 3D shifting cover, which is great for those who just love cool graphics. Get it from Amazon UK and you’ll get character cards. Walmart has its own exclusive cover, according to

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The Walking Dead Season 8 DVD and Blu-Ray will include commentaries for Episode 3, 4, and 16. Scott Gimple discusses the episodes as they play, which is an awesome way to see into his mind. There’s also a beautiful goodbye to Carl Grimes, who shockingly couldn’t be saved in the midseason premiere of Season 8. (Sorry, spoiler for those who managed to miss the news at the time of the death!)

Other featurettes including an “In Memorium” of all those killed off over the course of the season, “Price of War,” and then “All Out War.

The Walking Dead — Acquired via EPK.TV
The Walking Dead — Acquired via EPK.TV /

Avoiding spoilers for those who were waiting for the DVD or Blu-Ray to catch up, The Walking Dead Season 8 sees Rick’s team face off against Negan’s Saviors. While the Saviors are better equipped, they don’t offer Negan quite the same loyalty that Rick’s followers do. Of course, Rick will also need to deal with the loss of his son.

There are plenty of questions for the ninth season, especially as this is going to be Andrew Lincoln’s last year. You’ve got time to rewatch the season to get all your questions in line ready for the season premiere.

You can get your hands on everything from various suppliers, or get the digital copy through your Amazon Prime membership at a low price.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital now.