Big Brother 20 spoilers: Level Six alliance has a new plan, prepares for double eviction

Big Brother 20 recap: A look back at the Level Six alliance. (Angela Rummans Photo: Best Possible Screengrabs/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: A look back at the Level Six alliance. (Angela Rummans Photo: Best Possible Screengrabs/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 spoilers from the live feeds reveal several conversations between members of the Level Six alliance. The four remaining houseguests in that group have a plan for what to do next.

Live feed subscribers are already well aware of the plan for the August 23 Eviction Ceremony. The Power of Veto Competition already took place, revealing some very important Big Brother 20 spoilers. Brett Robinson was the houseguest who won the Power of Veto this week. As a result, the Level Six alliance is about to evict Scottie Salton on Thursday night. That’s not where the story ends, though, as those four members of the BB20 cast have a plan that extends further.

New Level Six plan

Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans, and Kaycee Clark spoke in depth about what the plan is following the Scottie Salton eviction. The first part of the plan is to make sure that Brett knows he is still an important part of the group, even though he has been working as a spy to deliver misinformation to the other side of the BB20 house. The trio is only slightly concerned that he has drifted too far, but anyone watching the Diary Room sessions during episodes knows where Brett’s loyalty still resides.

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Big Brother 20 spoilers: Next Level Six target

According to the discussion that Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee had late on Tuesday (August 21), the next target for eviction is going to be Haleigh Broucher. This only works if a member of the Level Six alliance wins the next Head of Household Competition. They will have great odds, as there will be just eight houseguests left and Faysal Shafaat will have to sit it out.

The current plan is to use Sam Bledsoe as a pawn and Haleigh as the primary eviction target. In their back pocket will be the plan to backdoor Faysal should it become necessary. This is a plan that JC Mounduix would also be on board for, which came up during their discussion. The idea could work if JC found a way to become the next HOH as well. Nobody fears Faysal in the game and they see Haleigh as a bigger threat who needs to be evicted first. Plus, JC feels he can continue manipulating Faysal, so he has no incentive to target him yet.

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There have also been rumors about a double eviction coming up soon. While host Julie Chen and CBS haven’t advertised for it yet, maybe that could be a surprise during either the August 23 or August 30 episodes. The Level Six alliance also talked about that, deciding that they would go after Haleigh first and then play the rest by ear. For now, though, they continue to plot behind the scenes on getting Scottie Salton out. As previous Big Brother 20 spoilers have indicated, Tyler is still convincing Scottie that he has his back. He doesn’t.