BB20 HOH winner: Spoilers from live feeds finally revealed

Big Brother 20: September 9 episode preview, who did Kaycee nominate? (Kaycee Clark Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS)
Big Brother 20: September 9 episode preview, who did Kaycee nominate? (Kaycee Clark Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS) /

BB20 HOH winner was just revealed on the live feeds. The latest Head of Household Competition took place following the August 23 episode of the show.

It took a while, but the BB20 HOH winner has finally shown up on the CBS live feeds. When the August 23 episode came to a close, the houseguests were just starting to play for the power. It was expected that live feed subscribers would get to watch the challenge online, but that didn’t take place. Instead, people have had to wait for the competition to end to find out the latest BB20 spoilers about the new Head of Household.

Who won BB20 HOH Competition?

Angela Rummans is the new Head of Household. There has already been a lot of celebrating among members of the Level Six alliance on the live feeds. They have tried to do it in secret in order to maintain the anonymity of the alliance. After he took a shower, Tyler Crispen celebrated in the Storage Room with Kaycee Clark. There were reportedly problems during the competition, including props breaking, so it took longer than expected to play out.

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What will Angela do as the new Head of Household?

As previously reported by Inside the BB House, Angela Rummans and the Level Six alliance already have a plan. Unless something changes, Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee already have an idea for how the upcoming Nomination Ceremony will work. If they stick to that plan, Haleigh Broucher and Sam Bledsoe will become the nominees for eviction. Faysal Shafaat would be kept in their back pocket as a possible backdoor target if needed.

No matter which way the Level Six alliance decides to go this week, they want to get either Haleigh or Faysal out of the Big Brother 20 house. In order to guarantee one of them goes home, they could just nominate Haleigh and Faysal to begin with, but Angela has already stated she wants Haleigh out first. The choice of only putting up one would mean that Faysal could win the Power of Veto and save Haleigh. Then it becomes a difficult spot for Level Six.

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There are going to be a lot of fresh Big Brother 20 spoilers over the weekend, beginning with who Angela Rummans ends up deciding to nominate for eviction. As the new BB20 HOH, she has all the power, meaning Tyler Crispen, Kaycee Clark, and Brett Robinson are about to have a very easy week.