Will The Happytime Murders get a sequel?

Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy star in The Happytime Murders
Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy star in The Happytime Murders /

Melissa McCarthy’s The Happytime Murders is now in theaters. Will a sequel follow?

The Happytime Murders has arrived! Based on reviews and feedback from moviegoers, you either love it or hate it. One thing’s for sure, even if you enjoyed the movie, you’ll definitely leave feeling dirty for laughing along. Our take? It’s a pretty funny movie, with a smart twist you won’t see coming due to laughing too much. With that said, will the movie be getting a sequel?

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen The Happytime Murders in theaters!

At Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a low score of 23% Rotten. However, the critics have never been able to stop a sequel from coming because of ratings. Simply put, if audiences want more, there will be more! What does this mean? It may all depend on two things — how well it performs at the box office and if the cast and crew are down for more.

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This weekend, The Happytime Murders is up against A.X.L., Searching, Papillon, and The Bookshop. All relatively smaller projects than the R-rated comedy, so beating the competition shouldn’t be too difficult.

Spoilers ahead…

As far as the story goes, detectives Connie (McCarthy) and Phil (Bill Barretta) were able to solve the mystery and decided to team up like old times. So, if you ask me, there can surely be more mysteries the two can solve. Is the cast and crew interested, though? Probably not! The Happytime Murders works best as a single film.

What do you think? Would you like to see a sequel or are you happy with just one? The movie also stars Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, and Leslie David Baker.

The Happytime Murders is now playing in theaters.