Briana DeJesus slams follower who calls her a gorilla in a zoo


Briana DeJesus slams follower who criticized her role on Teen Mom 2, calling her a gorilla in a zoo. But Briana hit her back with the truth.

Briana DeJesus has revealed that she has no interest in returning to Teen Mom 2 after all the drama with Kailyn Lowry this past season. When Briana joined the show, she wanted to explore a relationship with Javi Marroquin. The two hung out a bit, but Briana had no interest in leaving Orlando behind.

Marroquin really wanted her to move in with him in Delaware, leaving behind her family and Devoin, Nova’s father. He was just starting to step up and Briana DeJesus would have to start completely over. This was all documented on Teen Mom 2.

But when Briana attacked Kailyn Lowry on stage at the reunion special, fans thought she was immature and rude. Many were happy that she was planning on leaving the show behind, especially since she attacked the original Teen Mom 2.

When one person called her a joke and said that Briana acted like a gorilla in a zoo, DeJesus didn’t take it too personally. She revealed that at least the person was watching, which meant higher ratings and possibly more money for her.

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Given how the show ended, it’s quite possible that MTV wants Briana DeJesus to return to the show. But she doesn’t really want to be on the show anymore. One can imagine that people will attack her over everything, including how she got surgery and how she’s parenting her kids. That’s something she may not want to share on television anymore.

What do you think of Briana DeJesus’ reply to her follower? Are you surprised that someone is calling her a gorilla in a zoo?