Big Brother 20 recap: Is Level Six unstoppable?

BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express
BIG BROTHER -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS -- acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Big Brother 20, JC betrays Faysal, a new showmance blossoms, and Faysal and Haleigh learn their time together in the house may soon come to an end.

Faysal couldn’t be more pleased about Scottie’s eviction on Big Brother. He feels he got out a real threat and stupidly believes he and Haleigh are in a solid alliance with Tyler and Angela. So, as long as one of those three wins HoH, he and Haleigh are safe. Haleigh knows the only person she can trust to keep herself and Fessy off the block is her.

Tyler’s made so many deals, winning HoH really isn’t in his best interest. He’d be forced to show his cards. Level Six is pretty unstoppable. They haven’t lost one member despite not being in power for the past two weeks. Sam stockpiles tokens and trades a few to Haleigh and Brett in return for the promise of safety.

With only 15 minutes left, Kaycee opts not to keep her score of 34. Angela decides she needs to step up and lands in first place with a 39. The only way to beat her is for someone to land the ball in the red cup or get a 40.

Angela wins HoH! She’s the only houseguest to win twice, which means more blood on her hands (the most overused saying of the summer). One thing is certain, the top seven will all be Level Six members (until the Battle Back winner returns).

While Fessy and Haleigh are obviously in big trouble, things don’t look great for Sam either. She feels like she’s being kept in the dark. Sam still believes she’s got Tyler, even though he never talks to her.

Brett, Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela can’t control their excitement, and Haleigh walks in on them celebrating. Angela and Tyler realize this looks bad, but they also don’t care.

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Haleigh runs to tell Fessy. Haleigh has no doubt she’s going up on the block. Fessy doesn’t believe it. He feels their alliance is solid. He assumes Angela is going to put up Sam and a pawn. Why would she ruin the good thing she has with him and Haleigh?

The rest of Level Six wants Angela to put up Faysal to break up his alliance with Haleigh, but Angela thinks Sam would be a safer bet. Anyone who goes now has a say in who wins, so you don’t want too many enemies on the Jury.

Angela tells Haleigh Sam is her target, and Haleigh offers herself up as the pawn. Haleigh thinks she’s showing Angela she’s got faith in their new alliance, and they can trust one another. Angela just believes Haleigh may be as dumb as Fessy.

Fessy doesn’t want his girl on the block at all, so he decides to try to convince Angela that Haleigh poses no threat. If Haleigh’s not on the block, that’s also another vote for Sam. Fessy may think he’s giving Angela solid advice on what’s best for her game, but it’s in one ear and out the other. Angela’s gonna do what Angela wants to do.

Faysal also pleads his case to Tyler, and it’s sad that he really thinks he’s got any leverage or that being a “straight-up player” is going to get him far. Haleigh doesn’t want Fessy speaking for her, but when she tries to assert herself, he shuts her down.

Faysal may have spared Tyler and Angela and wants to use that as leverage, but Haleigh knows they don’t owe her anything. She’s openly tried to get both of them out. Haleigh begins to question what Faysal is like outside of the house (controlling, condescending, stupid, etc.). This could go down as one of the worst showmances ever. Each one has proven toxic for the other’s game.

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Big Brother besties Tyler and Angela are catching some feelings for each other. Neither wants to throw their game away over a showmance (see above), but crushes kill time when there’s nothing else to do.

Angela feels like she and Tyler are the only ones who’ve made the big moves. If she puts Faysal and Haleigh on the block, and one goes home, the other will come for her. Angela doesn’t want to make moves that benefit Brett’s game, especially since they’ve saved his ass, and he’s never reciprocated.

Angela contemplates putting up Sam and Haleigh. If Sam comes off the block, then she’ll put up Fessy. Otherwise, noms stay the same. If Haleigh stays, it means she and Fessy would have her and Tyler’s back moving forward. Everyone would be okay with Sam going.

JC and Bett have other ideas. They think sending Sam out would be a waste of a HoH. Plus, if Faysal wins the veto and pulls Haleigh down, one of them could go up in her place.

Faysal may be JC’s boy, but this doesn’t stop JC from going to Angela to make sure she puts him up with Haleigh. It’s the only way to guarantee one goes home, and Sam just isn’t a threat.

Angela is up front with Faysal about putting Haleigh on the block. It’s just good for her game, Faysal isn’t happy, but he figures Haleigh will have the votes to stay, and for some reason, doesn’t doubt whether Sam is really the target.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Angela puts up Haleigh and Faysal. Angela says an alliance with them this late in the game doesn’t help her in any way. Fessy is blindsided, and he now regrets not taking a shot at Angela, Kaycee or Tyler when he had the chance.

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