Castle Rock: Is Spoiler really dead?

Episode 8 of Hulu’s Castle Rock left us with our jaws on the floor, is [Spoiler] really dead? Since when? How?

The latest episode of Castle Rock, episode 8 titled “Past Perfect,” was extremely intense, to say the least. There’s a lot to process in the episode, but once the mysterious character known only as “The Kid” says “out there, in the woods, that’s where you died,” we forget about everything else!

Haven’t had a chance to watch “Past Perfect” yet? You need to! But if you have not, please note there are huge spoilers ahead…

In the eight episode of the series, viewers learned more about Gordon and Lilith, the couple who bought Warden Lacy’s home. They were a creepy duo from the start, and murdering the cheating couple who stayed at their Bed & Breakfast certainly didn’t help them out. Meanwhile, Molly Strand saved Henry Deaver from the silent chamber.

Fans weren’t ready for what was waiting for us, though. After Henry deals with Gordon and Lilith, he rushes to go find his mother. Molly, however, spots The Kid, looking as creepy as ever. He reveals a lot about Molly’s childhood as she stands back in shock wondering how he could possibly know all of this. That’s when he drops a major shocker — Molly is dead.

What are your theories on this? Could she have died and we missed it? After all, Molly couldn’t have been dead all this time, she’s interacted with a lot of people.

If you think you’ll get answers next week in episode 9, titled “Henry Deaver,” don’t hold your breath! We have screened the episode already and can tell you that more questions than answers are headed your way!

Episode 9 will blow your mind! You won’t want to miss it. Will it answer if Molly is dead or not? Yes! But it’ll also give us more to question.

New episodes of Castle Rock are released every Wednesday only on Hulu.