Treasure Quest exclusive peek: What’s in the box?

TREASURE QUEST -- Photo credit: Discovery Channel -- Acquired via Discovery PR
TREASURE QUEST -- Photo credit: Discovery Channel -- Acquired via Discovery PR /

The team comes across buried treasure in this week’s Treasure Quest exclusive sneak peek. Just what is in that box?

After finding the Inca defensive wall last week, the team behind Treasure Quest are now literally digging for buried treasure. They’re not going to go away empty-handed if this week’s exclusive sneak peek is anything to judge.

I’m going to sound like Brad Pitt in Se7en but “what’s in the box?” It’s an old wooden box that’s extremely easy to open. However, whoever buried it there did not want it to be found. That wasn’t just soil being moved, but rocks to keep the lid well and truly closed.

We don’t quite get to see what the team has found, but they are certainly impressed. “Wow! What is that?” is all we hear before we cut to black. This is definitely going to be an episode you need to tune in for.

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During Treasure Quest Episode 2, the team will smash into an underground tunnel system. They’re off in search for the $2 billion treasure in the subterranean cavern, but is this discovered box all part of it? Have others possibly come along and found it all? Was the treasure never there in the first place?

Hundreds of people have died over the years looking for this treasure. Of course, now, the team has the skills, the equipment, and the knowledge to stay alive. That is along as it’s not cursed pirate treasure!

Still, finding the treasure isn’t easy with weather conditions, Jesuit booby traps, and much more, so it’s not surprising every little find it going to be fascinating. It certainly is for us!

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What do you think is in the box? Are you excited for another episode of Treasure Quest? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Treasure Quest airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.