Amazon’s Jack Ryan features an understated hero in a flashy world

JACK RYAN -- Acquired via EPK.TV
JACK RYAN -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

Jack Ryan is an expected thriller, giving heroes a chance to shine in Amazon’s new series.

Jim isn’t in The Office anymore. You may find John Krasinski sitting behind a desk in Jack Ryan, but he’s searching global financial transactions to find terrorists and not trying to sell reams of paper. The stakes in Jack Ryan are much, much higher.

Of all the people who have played the character in film and TV, Krasinski does an adequate job in the pilot, but he will be compared to the likes of Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine. Krasinski showcases a reserved former Marine, who doesn’t have many friends or companionship. He also seems to suffer from PTSD, which probably is part of the reason he dives into his work the way he does.

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Because as many times as Jack Ryan wants to say he’s analyst, it seems he was to convince himself rather than everyone else. In truth, he’s a solder. Yes, he’s an analytical guy who can put pieces of a puzzle together that other’s may not see, but he is also used to being in the thick of it.

Which is why when Suleiman asked him just as he walked out of the fort, “I thought you were an analyst?” no one seemed surprised.

In reality, no one was fooled. Not Ryan’s new boss, who pulled up his records to learn more about him or Ryan’s former boss’s daughter who shared a connection with him right before he was picked up by the Coast Guard in one of the most dramatic exits from a party.

Viewers got to see more of the non-analyst side with the scars on his back and the brief flashback to when Ryan was a soldier, but the only person of import who thought Jack Ryan was just an analyst was Jack Ryan.

Having said that, Krasinski did a good job of giving off a quiet confidence of someone who believes in himself. He spoke up even when suggested not to and defied authority because he was so convinced of his findings.

Jack Ryan
JACK RYAN — Acquired via EPK.TV /

But look what that got him – a chance to get blown up, beat up and stabbed while in Yemen.

After the pilot episode of Jack Ryan, it still leaves you wanted to see what happens next. The writers did a good job of providing a little twist at the end – albeit one that was obvious – and gave context to the man Jack Ryan and his boss James Greer are chasing.

He’s not a secret bogeyman. Suleiman is a man that survived a bombing led by U.S. forces when he was a kid in a Lebanon. He has a wife and children. But he is also a man that inspires others to follow his mission. People who would die for him.

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While Jack Ryan is a typical thriller without breaking new ground, it was still a good watch. The pilot episode set up the rest of the season perfectly well.

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