The Book Job guest starring Neil Gaiman recap


Homer, Bart, Patty, Moe, Principal Skinner, and Professor Frink all collaborate with author Neil Gaiman to write a hit fantasy novel.

In a quest to write a book and make money, Homer and Bart recruit Principal Skinner, Aunt Patty, Professor Frink, and Moe to write a popular young adult fantasy novel. While they are brainstorming, they meet author Neil Gaiman who offers to assist them.

Finding out they are writing a book just for profit, Lisa is outraged and tries to compete with them, with the motive of just writing a book for enjoyment. But this is harder than she expects, as she frequently gets distracted and finds the overall writing process much harder than she expected.

But Homer and his fellow authors manage to come up with is a fantasy novel involving troll twins. Later, they take it a publisher where they encounter a roadblock. The publisher says that the manuscript is good, but they need a so-called fake author with an inspirational story. Seeing Lisa, Homer gets the idea to use her as the front author with an inspiring story and the novel is sold for a million dollars.

When the team gets an advanced copy, they are insulted to find out the publisher has made extensive changes to the book, most notably changing the trolls to vampires. Bart tries to argue against doing anything, but is persuaded to fight back with them against the publisher to get their book back. Their plan is to switch the flash drive with the publisher changed copy with a flash drive containing their actual manuscript.

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But before they can manage it, they are busted by the publisher, who reveals that Lisa told him about their plan. In return, she gets her name on a book and the opportunity to write the sequel.

Afterward, Lisa reveals to Homer and everyone else that she tricked the publisher and switched the flash drives to print Homer’s version. But looking through the book, she sees Gaiman’s picture in the author’s blurb. The episode finishes with Gaiman on a beach laughing at how Lisa didn’t know there was three flash drives and he doesn’t even know how to read.