Mr. Burns recap: Mountain of Madness


Displeased with the effectiveness at the Power Plant, Mr. Burns takes everyone to a mountain retreat in the hope of making everyone more disciplined.

After seeing how the Springfield Power Plant employees react under pressure, Mr. Burns is displeased and sends everyone to a retreat up in the mountains to become more disciplined. Upon Homer’s arrival, Mr. Burns isn’t pleased to see that Homer brought his entire family with him. All the employees are paired into teams and tasked with finding their way to a cabin on top of the mountain, with the caveat that the team who arrives last gets fired. Not surprisingly, Homer is paired with Mr. Burns. Smithers is also unhappy to see that he’s been paired with himself.

Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa are playing out in the snow and bump into Smithers. Without telling Marge, they go off with Smithers. Noticing they are gone, Marge and a Park Ranger goes out to find them. They are successful in locating them, but they also get stuck on a snow lift. In the meantime, Lisa and Bart begin to get on Smithers’ nerves.

Mr. Burns and Homer manage to get along ok and Mr. Burns reveals that he has a shortcut in the form of a snow mobile. The two get to the cabin quickly and make themselves comfortable. But when the two men clink champagne glasses, the noise causes an avalanche and the cabin is buried in snow. Lenny and Carl arrive at the cabin, but they can’t see it because of the snow. Homer manages to dig his way out of the cabin, but when he makes it to the top with Mr. Burns, they just end up causing another avalanche that is even worst than the first one.

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The rest of the employees arrive at a different cabin where Smithers, Bart, and Lisa find out Homer and Mr. Burns are still out there. Marge and the Park Ranger arrive soon after at the cabin, which turns out to be the Ranger station. While everyone else realizes they are gone, Mr. Burns and Homer occupy themselves by making snowmen before cabin fever and paranoia starts to take a toll on them.

The resulting fight causes the cabin’s propane tank to explode and the force manages to propel the cabin through the snow like a rocket. When the finally cabin skids to a halt, Burns and Homer are reunited with everyone.