American Horror Story: Apocalypse shows the Devil’s handiwork in its first official trailer


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, to see the apocalypse on our favorite horror series and to be reunited with our favorite characters. Sept. 12 is almost here for American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

The premiere of American Horror Story: Apocalypse is just around the corner and it’s the most anticipated season yet. A crossover between two fan-favorites, Murder House and Coven, with the return of Jessica Lange, the shows most popular ship (Tate x Violet), the witches from Season 3, and the much waited reveal of a grown-up Michael Langdon. It’s as if FX hired fanfiction authors to take over

Fans have been teased for weeks with vague news and set pictures including a group shot of the witches, a photo of Evan Peters and Dylan McDermott as their Murder House characters, and a photo of Tate and Violet reunited. Connie Britton announced sometime ago that she was also returning to the show as Vivien Harmon, which pretty much reunites the Murder House cast.

Then to make matters more exciting, a picture was released showing Madison Montgomery standing in the Murder House backyard! Do I sound excited because I am so freaking excited I can’t breathe…can’t…breathe—— (that was a heart monitor going flat if you didn’t know).

Yesterday we got a teaser trailer, where we got to see a glimpse of Constance Langdon and of Madison Montgomery commenting on her own return, “I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.” She was talking to someone but it felt like she was addressing the audience because now we know she has as many lives as a Winchester. That was all in the teaser but today we got a full trailer and its wild.

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Sarah Paulson’s mysterious new character, Venable, has a heavy role in the trailer, coming off as a sinister headmistress type of person. She runs a place called The Outpost where people are safe from the terrors outside but are unable to leave. The apocalypse has happened and no one can go outside because of the radiation, meaning most of the show will possibly happen indoors.

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So far we have three houses: the Murder House, Miss Robichaux’s Academy, and the creepy Outpost. The Rubber Man appears and is much more active than he originally was, and we see a little of Peter’s new character who ends up in the safe house along with Venable and some new characters, including Katy Bates.

From the looks of it, Venable and Bates are not there to save people but are in some evil pact. At the very end, we finally see Michael Langdon, looking like a vampire from an Anne Rice novel, standing tall and smug and that’s when Katy Bates says “Hail, Satan.”

I think my heart just stopped again.

We also got to see Misty Day for a moment, along with Zoe Benson, Supreme Cordelia, and Myrtle Snow. Leslie Grossman’s new character looks similar to the one she played in Cult and both Billie Lourd and Joan Collins can be seen in the beginning. The rest of the trailer shows the usual dark images we’re used to in AHS and some creepy things are going on. It truly looks like the end of the world.

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres September 12 on FX.