Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from September 5 episode include veto results

Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from September 5 episode include veto results. (Scottie Salton Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 20 recap: Spoilers from September 5 episode include veto results. (Scottie Salton Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 20 recap time arrived again on Wednesday night. Spoilers from the September 5 episode included CBS viewers learning who became the Power of Veto winner this week.

Opening Episode 31 was a recap of how Tyler Crispen became the new Head of Household. He had won the latest Big Brother 20 Endurance Challenge, hanging on to a rope while getting thrust into an oversized pie. With the power back in his hands and that of the Level Six alliance, he set his sights on two possible targets for eviction. At the close of the September 2 episode, Tyler was shown nominating Scottie Salton and Haleigh Broucher for eviction.

Nomination Ceremony fallout

Haleigh spoke about being “very annoyed” during her Diary Room session. Scottie also spoke about being frustrated about being on the block but noted that Tyler had assured him he was only the pawn this week. When Haleigh and Scottie chatted about it, they thought that Sam Bledsoe would go out next if one of them could win the Power of Veto.

Haleigh went up to the HOH Room later in the episode, where Tyler told her he didn’t know if she was the target this week or not. Tyler also told her that Scottie didn’t know he was going up on the block. He was as evasive as he has been for most of the season with Haleigh and Scottie, but both houseguests keep feeling like he supports them.

Tyler gets his hair straightened

A small segment, right before showing more Tyler and Angela Rummans time, was shown where Sam straightened Tyler’s hair. He had a really adverse reaction to it when he saw himself in the mirror, while JC Mounduix said he looked like a woman and couldn’t even look at Tyler with his straight hair. Not mentioned was that production made him go back to his regular hair to preserve continuity in how they presented the show on CBS.

Picking players for the Veto Competition

Tyler Crispen picked Kaycee Clark, Scottie Salton picked Steve Arienta jokingly and then went with Sam Bledsoe (his choice), and Haleigh Broucher picked JC Mounduix. This meant that Brett Robinson and Angela Rummans would be sitting it out this time. Haleigh and Scottie both knew how important it would be to become the Power of Veto winner this week.

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Week 10 Veto Competition

The object of the Veto Competition was to take all of their emojis (different sized balls with faces) from one side of a seesaw to the other one. The balls were required to balance on the far end and if any fell off, the houseguest would have to reset and start over.

Sam Broucher and JC Mounduix had a lot of issues keeping their balance. Scottie Salton had a lot of trouble even keeping is emojis in the tray on the far side. In the end, Kaycee Clark won the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 20 Veto Meeting

At the Veto Meeting, Kaycee Clark had all the power in her hands to shake up the nominations. She didn’t. Kaycee decided to follow the plan of the Level Six alliance and did not use the Power of Veto. This means that Scottie and Haleigh will be on the block when the houseguests vote on the next eviction. One of them is joining Faysal Shafaat, Angie Lantry (Rockstar), and Bayleigh Dayton in the BB20 jury house.

Next. Level Six Alliance Sets Eviction Target Order. dark

That brings an end to the September 5 Big Brother 20 recap. The next episode of the show takes place on Thursday night (September 6), when the next Eviction Ceremony will be hosted by Julie Chen.