The Good, the Sad, and the Drugly guest starring Anne Hathaway recap


Bart meets and falls in love with Jenny, a girl who could not be more different from he is.

Bart and Milhouse pull a prank at school that Milhouse gets busted for. While he doesn’t tell on Bart, Milhouse does get suspended and is stuck at home all day, shut up in his room. In response, Bart secretly visits him and promises to come back every day.

Later, Bart goes to see Grandpa Simpson at the Springfield Retirement Home where he promptly meets Jenny (Anne Hathaway), a young girl who he is instantly smitten with. She agrees to hang out with him and the two have a picnic. It is immediately obvious that the two are very different, as Jenny is always trying to do generous things for others. When the two are spending time together, she seems Nelson, Jimbo, and Dolph picking on a duck. Trying to impress Jenny, Bart intervenes and Jenny is very proud of him.

Meanwhile, Lisa does a report on what Springfield will look like in 50 years. As a result, she comes to believe that the future is filled with misery and destruction. In response, Principal Skinner recommends that she attend therapy. Once there, the counselor prescribes Lisa medication that might help her mood. On the bus ride to school one morning, it takes effect as advertised and Lisa sees nothing but smiley faces and her mood is instantly lifted.

Jenny eventually comes to the Simpson house for dinner and while it goes well at first, things go south quickly when it begins storming and the doorbell rings. The unexpected visitor is Milhouse, who came to see why Bart stopped visiting him. Milhouse is understandably upset to find out he has been tossed aside for Jenny, but when he realizes the situation, Milhouse threatens to reveal what Bart is really like.  He eventually agrees to not say anything, but threatens to reveal the truth at a later date.

After Lisa almost injures herself in an accident because of her medication, Marge insists Lisa stop taking it. But when Marge throws it away, Santa’s Little Helper immediately digs through the trash for it.

While out with Jenny, Bart voluntarily tells her the truth at last, but adds that he became good for her. Not surprisingly, Jenny dumps him and he is left crying on Marge’s lap. When someone tries comforting him with the fact that no matter happens, he will always have family, Bart just cries harder. Homer can’t help but agree with him about this and joins Bart in sobbing.

However, Lisa does manage to help Bart with her own experience by telling him he can’t wallow in misery, but he has to face things as they are. In response, Bart buys flowers and apologies to someone, who is revealed to be Milhouse. The two celebrate with a makeup prank of turning the school floor into a skating rink.

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