Friends and Family guest starring Allison Janney recap


When Marge, Bart, and Lisa are hired to be Mr. Burns’ virtual reality family, Homer makes a friend in his new neighbor.

While in treatment for anger issues, Mr. Burns is told by his psychiatrist Dr. Nussbaum that he will never have a family and he’s hopeless. Immediately after Mr. Burns leaves the office, Dr. Nussbaum dies. Despite paying for Dr. Nussbaum’s funeral, Mr. Burns is jeered by the mourners. In response, Mr. Burns hastily flees away in his car and ends up hitting Professor Frink, who happened to be wearing virtual reality glasses. Mr. Burns immediately takes a liking to the glasses and the potential they have.

After Mr. Burns grows bored with the existing virtual reality applications, Smithers comes up with the idea for a virtual family. Mr. Burns approves and the two begin auditioning families, with the Simpsons being the selected family. But since Mr. Burns plans on being the father of the family, that means there’s no role for Homer. At first he feels left out, but realizes that this means he can do whatever he wants since no one else is home.

Homer lives it up and eventually meets his neighbor Julia (Allison Janney) who is engaged to a pilot. The two promptly bond over shared interests which include Duff Beer and a hatred of Flanders. They also share a love of bowling and have no problem just being friends. Meanwhile, the rest of the Simpsons are already tired of being Mr. Burns virtual family. After Mr. Burns realizes that he isn’t suited for a family after all, he fires the Simpsons.

After the rest of his family comes back, Homer tells Marge about Julia being his best friend. Upon hearing that he doesn’t consider her his best friend, Marge becomes furious. But Julia interrupts and tells Marge what a wonderful husband she has, how much he loves her, and that she (Julia) has no interest in him.

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After Julia leaves Homer says that he learned about improving his marriage and Marge admits that he did nothing wrong. Later when talking to her fiancé, Julia admits that she saw Homer naked on the roof of the house. Her fiancé shrugs it off and says that he did too at 10,000 feet while flying in the air. Later, all of Springfield is seen using virtual reality glasses.