Jack Irish is back in business in this Season 2 trailer

JACK IRISH -- Acquired via Acorn TV
JACK IRISH -- Acquired via Acorn TV /

Jack Irish Season 2 premieres on Acorn TV next week and this is a chance to get a look at the iconic Australian lawyer. Check out the trailer for the second season right now.

If you haven’t heard of Jack Irish, I’ve got just one question for you: where have you been? The Australian lawyer is back and Acorn TV is bringing you the North American premiere exclusively. A trailer for Jack Irish Season 2 has been released and it will definitely make you need to catch up!

Emmy-winner Guy Pearce returns to the series as the titular lawyer, who is back in business when he realizes a college that promises to teach international students is a coverup. When two students end up dead, he has work to do and he pulls in his trusted colleagues and side kicks to help.

Marta Dusseldorp, Aaron Pedersen, and Roy Billing all return for the season. Danielle Cormack steps in as the newcomer. Check out the trailer below:

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Things aren’t all good for the lawyer though. His life has hit the biggest rough patch ever. Linda walked away and his body has suffered way too many beatings to count. There’s a moment in the trailer that highlights the beatings, including damaged organs! He thinks everything is over until he learns about the disreputable private college.

His investigations will take him (and Linda) to India down the rabbit hole of mysteries and lies. Just how high up does this conspiracy go?

Jack Irish Season 2 has already started airing in Australia. This North American premiere will be available on Acorn TV across the United States and Canada. You’ll even get all six episodes available at once, so you can binge to your heart’s content.

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What do you think of Jack Irish? Are you ready for the second season? Will you binge on Monday night? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Jack Irish Season 2 drops on Acorn TV on Monday, Sept. 10.