American Horror Story: 15 people you forgot appeared in the series

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Photo Credit: A Series Of Unfortunate Events/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center
Photo Credit: A Series Of Unfortunate Events/Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center /

Season 4 – Freak Show

Patti LaBelle

Character: LaBelle guest starred in season four as the maid of Gloria Mott and her sadistic son, Dandy. Dora was the only one who didn’t put up with Dandy (Finn Wittrock) nonsense and child-like behavior. She often stood up to his rude demeanor but that eventually proved deadly. After Dandy took on the persona of a Twisty the Clown wannabe, he killed sweet Dora and buried her body in the backyard.

Best known for: Hopefully you are familiar with the iconic singer, Patti LaBelle, who got her start in the early 1960s. You are forgiven if you didn’t notice her appearance in American Horror Story because, in all honesty, the legendary LaBelle deserved better than being one of Dandy’s victims. Since LaBelle’s role on AHS, she has appeared on Empire and keeps up with her impressive music career.

Neil Patrick Harris

Character: Harris took on the very complicated Freak Show character, Chester Crebb. His obsession with magic tricks took a psychotic turn after he learned his wife was having an affair and eventually killed her. Chester later got a job at Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities and had a relationship with Bette and Dot. Everything got creepier after he started treating Marjorie, the ventriloquist doll, as a living human. Marjorie kept getting inside his head and tried to convince him to kill the twins. The constant manipulation caused him to hallucinate while doing a magic trick and he accidentally kills Maggie (Emma Roberts), his assistant, by sawing her in half

Best known for: It is certainly hard to forget someone like Neil Patrick Harris but considering his past roles, it was hard to imagine him in a dark and twisted series like American Horror Story. For this reason, he deserves a spot on the list. Harris has appeared in numerous TV and film roles but his most notable roles include the lead character in Doogie Howser, M.D.  and Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. Harris currently portrays Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.

Chrissy Metz

Character: Metz portrayed Barbara, one of the Freak Show’s star attractions. Elsa (Jessica Lange) gave her the name, Ima Wiggles due to her weight. Barbara was a former debutante before her rich parents forced her to go to a fitness academy. She is later killed during Dandy’s massacre attempt on the Freak Show grounds.

Best known for: American Horror Story was Metz’s most significant role to date before landing a job on This Is Us. The NBC series would become one of the most series currently on TV with its loyal following of viewers. Metz plays Kate Pearson on the series and has garnered supporting actress nominations at the Emmys and Golden Globes due to her standout performances on the series.