American Horror Story: 15 people you forgot appeared in the series

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Photo Credit: Riverdale/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR
Photo Credit: Riverdale/The CW Image Acquired from CW TV PR /

Season 5 – Hotel

Naomi Campbell

Character: Campbell played Claudia, the editor of Vogue Magazine and the close friend of Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson). While she stayed at the Hotel Cortez, she was accidentally killed by Gabriel (Max Greenfield) who mistook her for Sally (Sarah Paulson). Claudia later appeared as a ghost who made fun of Alex (Chloë Sevigny) for her style choice.

Best known for: Campbell is a triple threat for her experience as a model, actress, and singer. Her acting career continues to ramp up with her recent role in Amy Schumer’s film, I Feel Pretty and a recurring role in the Fox series, Star.

Mädchen Amick

Character: Amick portrayed Mrs. Ellison, the mother of one of Alex’s young patients, Max. Mrs. Ellison was against vaccinations and later found out that her son is very sick from having measles. Alex gave Max the blood virus in the hope that it would save his life but the plan backfired. Max’s new blood thirst took aim at his parents so he killed his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellison one morning before school.

Best known for: Amick has had a number of memorable roles prior to her appearance in American Horror Story. She appeared in major roles in Twin Peaks, ER, and Witches of East End, just to name a few. Since then, many younger viewers might recognize Amick for her role in the CW-hit series, Riverdale, as she portrays the feisty mother to Betty Cooper.