American Horror Story: 15 people you forgot appeared in the series

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Castle Rock
CASTLE ROCK — “Harvest” – Episode 105 – Photo by: Claire Folger/Hulu, Image acquired from Hulu Press /

Season 6 – Roanoke

André Holland

Character: Holland played the real Matt Miller in Roanoke, not the reenactment version of Matt. He and his wife bought a farmhouse in rural North Carolina but the decision quickly turned dangerous after they begin getting terrorized by unseen forces. After suffering from the supernatural torture from the spirits and an angry mob led by the Butcher, they eventually left the house and tell their story on a TV show.

Matt’s marriage deteriorated but they reunite when they join the cast of the TV show to film at the house. Despite the disbelief, Matt and Shelby’s encounters prove to be real. Matt claimed he only came back because he fell in love with the immortal witch, Scáthach, which engaged Shelby enough to bash his head in.

Best known for: It might be hard to forget one of the main characters in season six but considering there were multiple actors portraying each character, it is easy to get mixed up. Holland should be no stranger to viewers nowadays. He currently stars as Henry Deaver in Castle Rock and appeared in the film, A Wrinkle In Time. But considering his most notable role to date (Kevin Jones in Moonlight) came around the same time as Roanoke, it makes sense why you might have a tough time remembering.

Season 7 – Cult

Rick Springfield

Character: Springfield appeared in Cult as Pastor Charles, a conservative minister who punished anyone who he considered to be sinners. Kai and Winter go to his house and rescue his victims who were being tortured. They trap him in one of his torture devices which goes on to kill him. The minister’s actions make Kai realize that maybe not everyone deserves to be saved.

Best known for: Rick Springfield is an Australian singer and heavily known for his hit song, “Jessie’s Girl” among other work over the last few decades. He also isn’t a stranger to acting, having appeared in as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital and a role in Supernatural‘s 12th season.

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